Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Sean Paul my Love <3 / Milan.

Yesturday i had a feeling to go back and listen to my loved Sean Paul again. I used to do it in the past and it came back to me xD
I love this gut he have such a party songas, and i love his voice *-*.
No idea why but i've got a feeling that Tom is copying him hahaha seriously I looked at some of Seans photoshoots and at Tom now he even do the same faces as Sean did hahaha.
But when someone asked him about it he said NO
how strange that is hahaa.

Ok so OFFICIALLY hahaha I can say that we are coming to Milano!!
I will be there from 27-30/9.
so its like 18 days left oO
I cant believe it !.
I'm so happy that i'm gonna se them guys so soon!
And my friend is comming with me and i havent seen her for year!!
God I'm so happy hahahaha.
Maybe my luck is back? I beg for that hahahaa!

Ok so Today i cleaned my room. And i have to say its REALLY clean hahaha
Ok I can keep my room tidy everytime but at least i'm trying hahaa.
Yesturday i spend all my money in the shops -_0
how lame , even that i prommised to myself that i will keep the money for tour
but anyway, I think I'm gonna update my sketch book because I missed the lessons on friday.

oh and i have to say college is quite fun and relaxing really.
all we did yesturday was just painting. hahaa
we also had paint fight but I dont wanna comment it hahahaha.

Ok I'm going my sketchbook is calling me hahaha.


  1. haha i remember the paint fight xDD

    and your look good in that pic,is that a double-peace? xDDD You-know-who needs-that before her ass is gonna be kicked xD

    love you <3


  2. Stara, ten angielski, połowy nie kumam ale jest gitara wuahahaha

    kocham Cię pedałko < 33333333333