Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Clay. Art is Obsession.

guess who's that HAHAHAHAHA
YEP!! you're right its tom hahaha!
made with Clay! hahaha

Yeah so yestuurday at college Simon asked us to do our ideas about Masks.
so i went to him and asked if i can make my own face with clay and than make mask with it
he agreed to that and he gave me some Clay and some Clay tools ^^.
i was seating in the class thinking what i can do haha and i came up with idea doing toms face. haha
yeah so you can see my little process of it hahaa!
I like it seriously but! simon had to cut that into halfs. so its not like this anymore.
But i will have Tom's face mask HAHAHAHAHA!
that was my first time with Clay and Simon was so impressed that i did it so good ^^.
isnt it almost the same as real tom? HAHAHAHAHA!
i'm going to watch my favourite series Brzydula haha! yehey .
than probably i will write something about my Ocean trip ^^.

song of a day ?

song from my favourite Series ^^.


  1. hahahah no to ja mam takie same odczucia xd ale tej piosenki to ja nie znosze... xD bo zawsze ulke pokazują taką smutną i to mnie mega wkurwia xDD
    a marek... taaak mi tez bylo smutno jak tam siedzial sam :( :P

  2. Ale Tom aaaahahahahaaha.
    Ja juz qwczoraj padlam jak mi to pokazalas ,wuahahahahaa.

    jeeeej, kocham ta piosenke ! plakac mi sie chce jak jej slucham.

  3. Oh god its so amazing *_*
    It looks sooo much like Tom *_*

    When i would try to do that maybe it would look like a pig who ran against a wall or whatever,but not like a face i think xDD