Sunday, 26 June 2011

New in the closet.

Hello  peopleeee! i missed blogging so i came back to post something here as i have some free time right now. Im finishing my first year of Fashion design and i cant believe it went so fast! and WTF i need to start preparing for Uni soon, im gonna write my personal statement very soon, and as friend of mine advised me to do i will write it few time to get the perfect one till september. In september i will need to know which courses and which Universities i want to go to and start applying. Its freaking me out you cant imagine.  Its my dream to go to Central Saint Martins and i will try my best to end up there at least on foundation diploma! because i guess its the best place you can go for fashion.  anywayyyyyssss.... Im in such a stress i have exhibition on Monday, Its prvate view so just close friends and families will be able to attend it,
And my life couldnt be better ! i love it right now, its just beautiful, even the sun is coming back to us!
I have beautiful dress to wear on my exhibition. Damnnn im stressing out im scared that my dress is not good enough, and i think i expect too much from myself. And the thing i will have to talk about it what inspired me and such is also freaking me out. But good there is a bar with free drinks so i can drink some and it will be easier hahaha !
anyways here is some shopping from this week!

 Dress - H&M
 Plain Ballerinas- Primark

 Skirt - H&M
 Skirt- H&M
outfit :  jacket - h&m, scarf- h&m suglasses-new look

Isnt that dress beautiful? when i saw if i just knew it have to be mine! haha and the shoes so cute! i was looking in so many shops but they didnt had plain ballerinas in the coulour of my dress but Primark. damnn i love primark!
Now im gonna go change into my swimsuit and lay in my garden and get some tan because we have some serious sun over here!!!
Oh and my darling is coming today to stay over mine and  she will go college in the afternoon with me and than exhibition as well ! yeyeyeye !
I will post pictures from the exhibition on comming days as i will be pretty busy this coming week, i have to go to hospital as well so keep your fingers crossed for meee!!!

Monday, 13 June 2011

No time.

one of my exhibition designs. 
Hello everyone, I dont have time for blogging at all. There are so many things going on in my life that are more important for me right now.. Im so stressed out every day and i wish everything will be over as soon as possible. I def. need a vaccation or some kinda getaway because i cant take some stuff anymore. But oh well Im a strong person so i will get through it.  Im also preparing for an exhibition as you see, which is stressing me out so much but oh well what can i do? just do my best thats it. 
Just wanted to say I'm alive and inform you guys i will NOT be blogging till the end of this month, well hopefully i will post some pictures of my finished dress and some pictures from the exhibition.. 
Oh and weather sucks, I hate UK for that! 
Rain rain rain rain kiss my ass rain.