Thursday, 29 October 2009

TurboDymoMan oO

I love polish adverts

Lets pack our suitcases.

OMG thats my suitcase from not even minute ago.
yes i'm packing up oO
I still have to pack so many thing but as you see i have no more space oO
Huge pink bag is my make up bag so full of make up stuff oO
god god god.
I love this time when we have to pack our suitcases and start to get ready to go to airport and stuff like this
but its so stressful
but im so happy. yes im so happy whatever gonna happen there it will happen
we know just that we will meet one band we also wanted to.
TH? no idea

i have my Tickets for Lodz concert.
one more and im done with them .

Rihanna-Russian Roulette.

thats my song of a Day.

Ciao Bambino.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


actually we know all of the meanings

omg what a good end of the day.
i laughed my ass do death again.
thank you YOU.

Tokio Hotel-Ready,set go instrumental .

because it reminds me of whole tour thing and also it keeps me going and powerful powerful ^^

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


OMG hahaa i laughed my ass off today hahaha.
can you see what i see and what we see and what we laughed about almost whole evening?


oh god haahhaa
we had funny conversation on msn hahahaa.

*that WTF company is the best xd
*man this concert gonna be like one big WTF
*rofl you are riiiiight haha
*on polish ticket it should be OMG ha2
*rofl thats great ideaLOL
*on french tickets it should be STFU ha2
*what means that?
*shut the fuck up ha2
*oh and on polish that also should be LMAO- laugh my ass off ha2
*and on german eee no idea ha2
*maybe r o f l
*thats a conversation on high level xd
*haha i know ha2
*are you KIDDDDING me?LOL
*maybe they will also sale LIDL or BIEDRONKA tickets ha2
*no polish BIEDRONKA is the best hahaha
*cool name rofl
*omg imdead
*dskasůld when im laughing it hurts so muchroflstop it
*oh my god... thats so CUTElol
*my tummy dies from laughing now ha2
*im sorry hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha
*loli just saved that converstaion
HAHAHAHA you are my hero of this night Jana <3
i still laugh about it so much.
we all should name the cities where we going haha. like WTF, STFU, ROFL, LOL, LMAO, OMG. etc. hahahaa
i mean for real i never had ticket for TH konzi like this hahahaa.
its gonna be so special WTF ticket
oh god hahaha

now. from couple of days im one bag of nerves.
I'm so stressed about this whole thing, and i dont know if i can get on like this. ok
after buying those tickets i feel much saver but still i have 4 to go with .
uh uh uh uh
pray for me tomorrow.
i wonder whats the cost of Lodz tickets *-*
huhu its gona be fun in it?
in 4 days im gonna wait or have my last 2 hours of sleep till my flight.
Time is going so fast.

i'm writing this letter for you ....

and we gonna drink vodka...loats of vodka yehey hahaha!

love you girls <3

Isa Dredi & Jana and Marta <3

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Make some Noise

OMG i cant wait more for this opening.
i always loved opening. everything in me was shaking, i had feeling of getting heart attack even doe i'm one whos always calm even on the concerts.
I wonder how stage gonna look like *-*
lets hope it will be done ON TIME hahaha

Some people are pissing me off seriously -_-'.

btw,. yesterday night was very strange night in it Isa? oO
swimming pools, benches etc,

Saturday, 24 October 2009




+ Mariolka Golota + Tomasz Adamek hahahahahahaha
omg hahahahahaha

Mariola suko zadzisz hahahahaha .
ale mam polewe hahahahahaha.

(polish post today ^^)

Friday, 23 October 2009

High Wycombe.

Hi People :DD

Im going to High Wycombe with my brother today :D
I'm going for some shopping with him but i will jump to some shops i bet it!
but i dont want to buy ANYTHING hahaha.
i need to save my money for tickets
and i have so many to buy!

and I'm so happy for this tour.
Starting from Luxembourg ending on Pargue!
oh god i cant wait for it !
I will update Live section on my blog later :D

Now i will dry my hair and do make up and im ready to go
haha my brother is already waiting and complaining
but? what?

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Humanoid Tour.

February 22nd - Esch Alzette, Luxembourg

March 1st - Copenhagen, Denmark
March 3rd - Oslo, Norway
March 4th - Stockholm, Sweden
March 5th - Göteborg, Sweden
March 7th - Helsinki, Finland
March 17th - Lille, France
March 18th - Lyon, France
March 20th - Nantes, France
March 22nd - Nice, France
March 23rd - Marseille,France
March 30th - Vienna, Austria
March 31th - Zurich, Switzerland
April 2nd - Toulouse, France
April 3rd - Geneva, Switzerland
April 5th - Barcelona, Spain
April 6th - Madrid, Spain
April 7th - Lisboa, Portugal
April 14th - Paris, France

thats what i choose for now.
i'm thinking about more but lest wait for full dates.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Ed Edd n Eddy

do you remember?
OMG i used to watch it every day back in the days hahaa.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Fcuk you bees!

as on image!
i want you all to dieeeee
diiiie bitch diiiiiiieeeee!
i know my reason!
i hate you all ugly things -__-

one more in my room and i will explode right?.

btw. i bought new wardrobe and new Bedding and i love it so *-* !
but my dad is actually to lazy to fix it and my bed is full of my clothes nice heeeee?
and im so damn tired.
i just slept 30 minutes today, I'm awake since 7 and im going mad now!
so i will go and eat my toast now, watch BrzydUla, stole some fags from my dad (i wasnt bothered to go to the shop nice nice) than i will probably throw all of my clothes from my bed to the floor because im to lazy to move it in different way
and hopefully i wil lgo to sleep
i had tough day today.
and tomorrow i'm going to some office with my passport oO i wonder what they want from it oO

Good Night. (Bees fuck off from my window! i have hair-spray!!)

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Shopping at Westfield London <3

Oh god I'm so tiredtired!
My dad took me for shopping to Westfield London. HugeHuge shopping centre. My legs hurt a lot. i was there for 3 hours oO anyways. Shopping was good. i get what i wanted to get.
And its like medicine for badbad mood and to get over some of insane people of my mind.


Click for bigger.

Today i bought
Britney Spears Curious perfume *-* smells and looks so nice
Clean & Clear Facial wipes.
ELLE (again)
L'Oreal- Double extention Renewal serum inside mascara.
Brand new Cd from DJ.Tie:sto "Kaleidoscope" awesome awesome <3
Dress (A|X Paris. )
Long Boots (Deichmann)
Froggy sleepers oh god they are so funny when i saw them i was so amused and i had to take them hahaha. cute in it? hahahaha (Deichmann)
+ New heater Fan yeheeeeey! its so nice *-*

hmm what else. I'm listening to new Tiesto CD and i have to say I'm so Obsessed with it already.
I recomend it to everyone seriously its awesomeawesome.

I just had My smoked cheese + salad toast. hmm and now im going to..... no idea what to do hahaha,
I will update other sites of mine i think!.

Oh and my dream today was so ridicilous! i had dream about Pooing Moles (animals) oO can you imagine that? i was running away because they chased on me oO.

Ok I'm going.

4 years= 1 hour.

How strange is that?
4 years in 1 hour.
How much things happened in this time.
How hard and easy was this times.
How Happy and sad it was?
How many people came and go in our lifes?
that's amusing seriously.
Im proud to be part of this.
We made it. we made history with them.
and we still making it.
The things we did together won't be forgotten
The looks we got will be still alive.
Still feeling your touch on my skin like it happened just 5 minutes ago.

No matter what hell things will happen to us we still are strong.

I bought new sleepers *-* i have to say they are so comfortable and i love them so much already hahaha

Thank you again for great night.
For understanding and talking about most stupid things people cant ever imagine hahaha.
From very serious discussions by crying to each other, to laughing to death and making jokes.
Having Soulmate is something that PEOPLE are JEALOUS of.
and if you have one. take CARE of it. Because true "friendship" like this can be friendship which happens once in your life so watch ;]
"I think That He Thinks That I Think....*

*and wait i forgot the song ha2
*when tom sung it in Warsaw like nanananananana nanana nanananan nanananana na na

*wo sind eure hände haha

*i cant remember
*oh yeah haha2


*but just instrumental

*oh nice haha toms song the nanananana nananan nanananaaaaa' haha
*good that we understand us so well haha

I'm reading ELLE. I found kind of sad leaflet there.
and tell me where to the fuck sake they all get this nice leggings from?!

and i have to add that if he would look like this still...

...I would be in JAIL for Child ABUSE hahaha!

Friday, 16 October 2009

I Look To You.

i got it. Now I'm listening to it. How awesome this CD is *-*
I wasnt in college.
My heart was making too much pain for me. so I stayed.
And I know I'm in so much trouble now. but... what can i say?
i dont give a shit about it right now.
I'm going to draw my finished mask. I will post some pics of it later ;]


If you only knew how much I need you right now. will never know.

Yes I look like DEAD person today. I walk like I'm drunk.
I look totally like dead person. boah i feel like this as well -_-'
yesterday night was nightmare. I'm still not over it but good that IT happened.
You guys dont want to see my eyes right ?
WHOLE RED. yes RED as hell -_-'
My heart pains as hell today as well -_-'
(it really do i think i will take some tablets i hate doing it but i have to )
and i had just not even 2 hours sleep.

WHAT a good LIFE?!

And Isa thank you again that you are there <3
I never wished to have better soulmate as you are <333333333


Why do i always have to cry because of you?
Why again i screwed it up?

please dont let me cry more...
I just want to be there for you nothing else.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

So...lass uns Reden?

OMG! thats so hilarious!
I want dog which will tell me * hello* and I love you* everyday man hahaha.
ah Dalmatian rocks hahahaa
haha and This Boxer omg hahaha
I love dogs.

Oh Tom - die Nacht ist hell

hahaha God hahaha.
Now everytime i will listen to Komm i will hear Tom and i will also sing it TOOOOOOOM hahaa

omg I'm so dead after those pic's awrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *-*

Oh I'm so fucked up, tired I waited 2 hours in COLD COLD on the bus stop
none of the buses came. So I came back to my house called bus company and what have they told me?
*Busses were there*
no they fucking wasnt! -_-'
and again I missed college when i needed to be there -_-'

I'm going for one hour sleep because im yawn as hell now. and im cold because i didnt had any sleep again this night no idea what the hell is going on
and im too tired to do anything.
so .

Afternoon sleep ^^.


Coffee + Cigarette
than off for College ;]

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Carte D'or

I love Carte Do'r ice creams *-*
I'm eating Lavazza- Larre Macchiato and its awesome <33
it looks exactly like on this pic above *-*
and its yummy hahaha

oh and btw.

Paint fight or body painting + shower?
-sweet cream
-chocolate sauce haha xD
yeah yeah good idea.
we both like it hahahaha

Dubai.... *-*

Can someone tak me there?
I'm so inlove with this city. seriously
i love Dubai. So many amusing buildings.
and those islands oO
i wanna see it on my eyes.

What if we....?

What if we were just too young?

Hmm i have really nothing to say.
I'm happy. simple as hell happy.
but I'm so stressed for Tour. seriously.
I hope they were serious in
"Full TH treatment for the UK in 2010"
than if so they are whole mine here hahaa.
as soon the will land in London. they are mine.
Pray its true. than i'm the happiest person in the world.
tour? for sure
Oberhausen, Hamburg, Prague, Brussels & Helsinki.
hopefully Amsterdam + Warsaw.
than UK UK UK
and welcome (pray for it) Canada.
Febuary. oh no -_-' I really dont want to spend my b-day in cold mess waiting in line to be close to him -_-' i dont want this. i want to go to poland and celebrate it as i should.

now just 19 days till EMA's. I'm sooooo stressed about it.
but I'm happy to meet everyone there.


Monday, 12 October 2009

Get Your Groove On!

Im so obsessed with this song.
I love snoop <3333333 my hero <3

and god damn! I'm so fucking pissed about one thing -_-'
is it that HARD to accept one of those 4 credit cards?
so hard?

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Weekend Shopping.!

oh god. I'm writing this post since yesterday oO
I'm too lazy to do it!
i have no idea why

ok so i went shopping this weekend as i said before i was looking for leather leggings and i found them ^^.
so i bought.

Leggings at H&M
Scarve at H&M
Hairband at H&M
Dress at New Look
Hair Extensions some shop
Veet at Superdrug
Bath Milk (almond and coconut) in Sainsbury's

Now I'm so lazyyyyyyyyy ass. Seriously i should get applause for this post that i finally get myself to write it.
oh and i was on today and what have i seen?

and what id tom said?
"Georg RAUS- Tom REIN*

hahaa and ?
what did i said to Isa
"write georg raus bill rein on your forehead next time"

hahahaa how telepathic is that? HAHAHAHAH

I'm going to college today so i will go to sleep early to wake up in the morning haha
I will go to take shower in a minute.

oh and SOME people should really stop being childish seriously!!
i just ignore it Dear God must be so freaking out now because IDIOTS like that are walking on this earth ;]
sad. but truth haha.

Goodnight ;]

Saturday, 10 October 2009

o2 CREW!

Vogue + Bazaar = <3

I love this two magazines <3
i bought them today. and later i will spend some time to read them ^^.
I saw some interesting photoshoots in there haha. like one in Vogue with woman with so many this yellow kitchen gloves haha.
oh and i was in the shop today and i bought brand new toast maker! yehey!
so I ate yummy toast today ^^.
tomorrow morning im going for shopping with my dad. hahaha.
i'm looking for leather leggings with zippers ^^. wish me luck to find some ^^.

Friday, 9 October 2009


you know who you are
you know who he is
the place you will came back from
you know how you will behave

of course.

and I will wait there for you to yell to me.
*Natii.!!!!!!!!!! I have the........xxxx xxxx!!!! come quickly!!!*


I really love haha our conversations hahaha
same as i love you haha


Thursday, 8 October 2009

Mask Making Project.

So I spend WHOLE day on making my mask. its still not finished but i will try to finishe it over weekend. or on monday.
in 2 weeks i have one week break and than im going back on tour *-*
I need to be forward with my work because of EMA's and my other things in germany ;]
and actually I'm so forward with my work even i miss a lot of College.
And i had this conversation about my absence with Simon today -_-'
again one simple question and sentence which can get on my nerves seriously.
*You missed a lot of College Natalia. Where have you been?*

yeah -_-' dont you dare to tell me that again. I told him to stop saying that tome i've got it in my head and i know about it. he said he need to remind me about my college --'

Going Back to my mask.
first pic haha i know its so ugly but its very beginning of making human face in clay ;]
second picture shows vacuum formed mask from gold plastic ^^.
on the top you can see some kind of crowd i done with cardboard ^^.
Now I'm painting it.
I like it. ^^
than i will do make up for it, i will stick fake eye-lashes to it and some sequins.
wish me luck haha..

Oh and Alffie destroyed my feelings today with singing PCD from my iphone hahaha.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Spider Pig.

hahahahahahahhahaha omg hahahahaha
thats what i can say about it hahahaha!

NOW im dead hahahahahahaha


A ty jaki masz telefon?
O żesz kurwa bo niewierze czegoś takiego to ja na oczy nie widziałam

Jak kupisz mi Jeansy to zrobię ci loda. <-oO

leje do buta haha!
chce już obejrzeć ten film!
obejrzałam krótkometrażowy spodobał mi się
wiec ten tez mi się spodoba + O.S.T.R w tym filmie to kurwa kurwa!!

btw. Tom?! c'mon gucci scarve? -_-'
187 pounds god oO.

Super Mario Bros.!

Do you remember this video game?
hahaha i used to play on it day and night hhahahaha
my favourite game ever. i would never get bored of it hahaha

wanna play?

have fun!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Let's Go Humanoid!!!!!!

click for bigger.

Yehey finally i get my album!

I love THAT BOX! hahahahhaa i love it hahaha.
Man its so so so nice!. huhu!
Flag is ok. its so big big big. made from some nice to touch material. almost like a blanket ^^
I couldnt find the booklet but finally i found it it was under bill's pic in the album.

and Hunde & Geisterfahrer & Zoom & Alien my favourites from the album.

Ich bin krank ohne dich
Hab schon jedes Gift versucht
Und jetzt lass ich mich los
Leg' mich auch die Glut
Und schau in den Himmel
Und hör deine Stimme

Küss mich jetzt im Gegenlicht
Wie ein Geisterfahrer such' ich dich

Zoom dich zu mir
Ich zoom mich zu dir
Durch den Sturm
Durch die Kälte der Nacht
Und die Ängste in dir
Weit weg von hier
Durch Raum und Zeit
Zoom dich zu mir

But of course i like whole album thats just my favourites.
I'm gonna look at DVD now. lets se what they've got for us there hahaha!
what do you think of the box?



Nothing else i can say hahahahaa

Monday, 5 October 2009



posts on this blog!!

Everybody shout!
Celebrate it loud!
Forever Today,
Forever Tonight

Oh man i cant believe it i have 100 posts already haha.
I love this blog seriously. I get used to it !
Ok I'm throwing party hahaha!
bring me some vodka hahaa!

ok joking but still nice to have it!

100 lalalala

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Call my soul

Sunday. = boring.

I came back home from long walk. I have to say I thought about so many things.
and I realized so many things as well.
And now I feel so depressed. no idea why.
Everything was good ok almost everything.

Nothing happens by accident.

I'm watching my every Sunday movie ^^.
and than i will go out to the shop. and for second walk oO
Than I will finish mask design and i will try to get over this stupid depressive feeling.
It should be this way.
i should be happy now. but im not. thats my biggest problem ;]

Awake my soul.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

xx.483 haha!

i was looking at my page visits and i have to say i was surprised with number 483 in it hahaha!
i'm wondering why SO MUCH people are visiting this blog and not showing a sign of life haha lol.
people are so curious seriously.

btw. thank you thank you again <3

Listening to Whitney Houston and trying to watch wetten dass. ^^



I swallow the poison
to get infected
I'm trying to tell you
I'm trying to know you
I'm dying to show you
tying to get you
oh no i never let you go
oh no i hate that i need you so

i'm starving for your love
I need attention or I'm gonna die.

I think im gonna get ready and i will go to town to buy some fags ^^.
cause i have NONE of them and i'm dying for one haha!