Sunday, 11 October 2009

Weekend Shopping.!

oh god. I'm writing this post since yesterday oO
I'm too lazy to do it!
i have no idea why

ok so i went shopping this weekend as i said before i was looking for leather leggings and i found them ^^.
so i bought.

Leggings at H&M
Scarve at H&M
Hairband at H&M
Dress at New Look
Hair Extensions some shop
Veet at Superdrug
Bath Milk (almond and coconut) in Sainsbury's

Now I'm so lazyyyyyyyyy ass. Seriously i should get applause for this post that i finally get myself to write it.
oh and i was on today and what have i seen?

and what id tom said?
"Georg RAUS- Tom REIN*

hahaa and ?
what did i said to Isa
"write georg raus bill rein on your forehead next time"

hahahaa how telepathic is that? HAHAHAHAH

I'm going to college today so i will go to sleep early to wake up in the morning haha
I will go to take shower in a minute.

oh and SOME people should really stop being childish seriously!!
i just ignore it Dear God must be so freaking out now because IDIOTS like that are walking on this earth ;]
sad. but truth haha.

Goodnight ;]


  1. I looove ths stuff you bought,but i already told you :D:D:D
    Haha and jaaa xDD My good question haha xD TOO telepathic haha xD
    But well,i wont do that haha xD
    It wouldnt look very good in my face i think and Georg wouldnt be very amused by it haha poor boy :/ ^^ xDD



  2. niezłe zakupy ;D leginsy koszą mózg ;D ;*

  3. tez mam te leginsy i je w chuj kocham, omg !

    ey dress tez w pyteczke !

    i<3u !