Thursday, 29 October 2009

Lets pack our suitcases.

OMG thats my suitcase from not even minute ago.
yes i'm packing up oO
I still have to pack so many thing but as you see i have no more space oO
Huge pink bag is my make up bag so full of make up stuff oO
god god god.
I love this time when we have to pack our suitcases and start to get ready to go to airport and stuff like this
but its so stressful
but im so happy. yes im so happy whatever gonna happen there it will happen
we know just that we will meet one band we also wanted to.
TH? no idea

i have my Tickets for Lodz concert.
one more and im done with them .

Rihanna-Russian Roulette.

thats my song of a Day.

Ciao Bambino.


  1. Haha oh your suitcase looks really FULL xDD
    And your make-up-bag really takes much of the space o.O xDDDD

    Haha and jaaa its sooo soon o.O
    Im soo happy we finally meet *_____*
    AND i hope we ALL will see them and have a nice time <3

    Love you <3


  2. You use a lot of make-up XDD
    Nice *-*
    It's really good time when you make the suitcase and stuff, you must be VERY excited right now!
    I'm sure you will have fun!^-^