Saturday, 17 October 2009

4 years= 1 hour.

How strange is that?
4 years in 1 hour.
How much things happened in this time.
How hard and easy was this times.
How Happy and sad it was?
How many people came and go in our lifes?
that's amusing seriously.
Im proud to be part of this.
We made it. we made history with them.
and we still making it.
The things we did together won't be forgotten
The looks we got will be still alive.
Still feeling your touch on my skin like it happened just 5 minutes ago.

No matter what hell things will happen to us we still are strong.

I bought new sleepers *-* i have to say they are so comfortable and i love them so much already hahaha

Thank you again for great night.
For understanding and talking about most stupid things people cant ever imagine hahaha.
From very serious discussions by crying to each other, to laughing to death and making jokes.
Having Soulmate is something that PEOPLE are JEALOUS of.
and if you have one. take CARE of it. Because true "friendship" like this can be friendship which happens once in your life so watch ;]
"I think That He Thinks That I Think....*

*and wait i forgot the song ha2
*when tom sung it in Warsaw like nanananananana nanana nanananan nanananana na na

*wo sind eure hände haha

*i cant remember
*oh yeah haha2


*but just instrumental

*oh nice haha toms song the nanananana nananan nanananaaaaa' haha
*good that we understand us so well haha

I'm reading ELLE. I found kind of sad leaflet there.
and tell me where to the fuck sake they all get this nice leggings from?!

and i have to add that if he would look like this still...

...I would be in JAIL for Child ABUSE hahaha!

1 comment:

  1. 1. Its really starnge to see the 'whole' story in 1 hour..well,PARTS of it..
    And so many memeoreis came back and im also so happy and proud to be part of all that.
    And without TH we also wouldnt have met <3
    So thanks to them for everything ;) <3

    2. Your shoes look sooooo cosy and nice *_*
    im jealous haha

    3.Thank YOU for the great night and opur conversations haha xD 'nanananana nana na na ' xDDDD
    That are the best things xD
    We should make a book of it xDD <3

    and 4. the Tom-pic is soooo soo cute ,but i already told you :D

    Love you <3