Monday, 31 January 2011

Fashion project.

Alright so as i promissed here is a design of a dress im gonna make for my project.  The project is based on movement & motion. I based my idea on wind and fire and its movement. I also did research about few artists and designers thats also where i got my inspiration from. Mainly Alexander McQueen which is my favourite of all designers. McQueen also designed a dress with similar bottom of it as mine I think its great idea as the shape of it is unusual.
I love this design and im looking forward to see it when its finished .
I did little prototype of it so when im gonna sew it i know what i have to do and how exactly should i stitch it.

Ok so now im gonna go and try to describe rest of the artists. I really cant be bothered but deadline is next week so i have to use each minute i have .

Hope you guys like it.


Sunglasses: primark
Jacket: New Look
Scarf- A.M.
Jeans- Primark
Bag- Primark
Tail- H&M

I cant believe how nice the weather is outside, so sunny and not even a single cloud on the sky,!  I feel like spring is really coming to London altough its still really cold but its getting warmer and warmer..
So yesturday i had a small photoshoot, my friend needed me to shoot some pictures for her college project so here you go the result. I had so much fun taking them haha ! But it was so ass cold you guys cant even imagine ! What else i finished the bottom of prototype of a dress im gonna start to sew tomorrow. today i need to finish the upper part and do the bigger patterns and cut out my fabric so if i come to college tomorrow i will be ready to do my work. I still need to describe this artists, but i really cant do it, im just bad at doing it so if anyone of you guys want to do it for me i would be more than happy hahaha !

i need to eat breakfast scrambled eggs maybe? i loveeeeeeeeee scrambled eggs *-* .

have nice day everyone!

Sunday, 30 January 2011


 no makeup

Morning people! 
My friend wrote she needs someone to do some pics for her project so im gonna get ready and help her. It looks like its ass cold outside and that fact makes me wanna stay home in my bed but well . 
I'll meet with her for an hour or 2 than come back home and do my work. 
The thing i hate the most is describing and analising artists i just hate doing that and it looks like you can do it in 5 minutes but thrust me i always sit with my sketchbook and pen and have nothing to say about them. 
I need strong black coffee now! 
so see you later!

Random pic,

Headphones: Lady Gaga Heartbeats by dr Dre
Scarf: McQueen
Sweather: Primark  

I dont know why but i have mixed feelings about this one my chin looks so weird hahah but oh well i kind of like it.. And i love to do funny photomanipulations hahahahahahahahahaha just did one, i aged myself so i look on one pic like such a granny hahaha !
should i post it here or not?

Anyways, im going to bed in a sec, i need to wake up earlier again to work on my dress.
so Goodnight!

Saturday, 29 January 2011


Headband: not mine haha !
Rings: Primark
Oversized tshirt: New Look
Scarf: Alexander McQueen
Leggings: River Island

So Im being lazy right now but i need to finish what i started today morning, im preparing my patterns which i will trace later onto the fabric, than take it to college and sew my dress there.
Im gonna buy sewing machine next week as i will really need it. I'm choosing Fashion as my specialism and already made some plans for next 2 years, im a bit confused about few things but knowing myself im gonna figure something out. Just came to say hello thats it haha !
oh and my timetable changed! no more lessons on mondays which means longer weekend! yeheey
i love this deal haha !


 so random!

I decided to start blogging again, jesus long time i havent posted a thing here but i will try hard to do so this time :D 
Im bored of blogging in polish so i will do it in english  maybe im gonna be random sometimes writing a post in my language so just ignore it or if you really desperate to read what crap im writing there just translate it ( you have google translate widget on the right)

Anyways i have soooo much work to deal with over next 2 weeks, basically im doing fashion and photography now and i need to finish the dress (im gonna talk about it more in few days) by 10th of feb which is actually day before my bday (it sucks!!) 
I hateeee deadlines! i really do, esspecially now when i have 4 projects at one time and little time to finish 2 of them, i seriously dont know what to do with the time . 
alright i had pretty boring and annoying day in college today (im gonna show-off with my pimped out college in comming days as well ) i went to college just to write exam i thought its gonna take an hour or so but it was just 15 minutes which is WASTE OF TIME + it was so cold that i walked into my house as one huge piece of ice haha ! 
anyways im tired now im off to bed 


if i made any spelling mistakes just forgive me im so tired.  and i seriously cant be bothered to correct it right now.