Sunday, 30 January 2011

Random pic,

Headphones: Lady Gaga Heartbeats by dr Dre
Scarf: McQueen
Sweather: Primark  

I dont know why but i have mixed feelings about this one my chin looks so weird hahah but oh well i kind of like it.. And i love to do funny photomanipulations hahahahahahahahahaha just did one, i aged myself so i look on one pic like such a granny hahaha !
should i post it here or not?

Anyways, im going to bed in a sec, i need to wake up earlier again to work on my dress.
so Goodnight!


  1. Amazing picccc *-*
    And i dont even think your chin looks weird o.O xD

    Haha and yeah you should post the manip hahahaha its too funny xDDD


  2. hahaha i will do it tomorrow haha im too tired for that aha !
    idk it looks idk weird haha like so fat hahaha