Thursday, 30 July 2009

DJ Tiësto on Sunday!!!!!!!!

OMFG i can't describe how excited I'm about him coming to London!!!
Finally I'm gonna see him.
I loveeeeeeeee his music and I loveee this guy.!
I was listening to him since i was small!
I never had a chance to go and see him. And this Sunday my HUGE Dream gonna come true!.
ahhhhhhh I really can't believe it!
but I've got my tickets for his concert on victoria park buttttttt
I don't have ID so HOPE for me to get in!!!
than i need to follow him to the hotel I wanna see him from close!
Thats gonna be my day!.
Still cant believe it thats just few days!.

song of a Day?


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

College interview

Today I had my College Interview.
That was cool xD .I get the place ^^. I'm so happy!!!!
The woman who interviewed me gonna be my Tutor. She's so nice xD And she's german xD
I was the only girl for Art & Design oO!!!
I hope that I'm gonna have some girls in my class hahaha.
Last year there was only 6 of us girls lol.

Next year I'm gonna go back to my college in Paddington. I love this college. I miss it seriously.

Now I'm drawing. I'm kind of bored -_-'
I hate this holidays. Nothing is happenin' this year -_-;'

Than I'm gonna eat my Chicken Tikka.

Yeah and OMG that car on Tom's blog is sooooooooo cool!
haha I think I'm gonna print it out as well! hahahahahha

Tomorrow I'm going with Elizka to Oxford Circus. xD I want some shoes from Zara.
I saw some high heels there which were soooo nice so I must have them xD
Than we gonna go to the studio again and record 2 more songs xD

Ok and the song of the day is...

Monday, 27 July 2009

New Layout ;]

old look

new look xD

I get bored of old layout so I decided to do new one xD
I like to change things.
Ok now I'm going to have shower, than cook something to eat and than I need to call my brother once again.

Ok thats the song of the day.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Dinner with driving instructor.

Today I had dinner with my driving instructor.
Hes a very good friend of my family. So that today i had very nice afternoon xD
Charles is soooooooo funny hahaha he made my day today. Finally Sunday wasn't that bored because today I was in rush from the early morning till now.
I like to be on the move so much.
So we had discussed my driving licence exams etc.
So we decided to do it in the middle of September so it could be done for my 18th birthday!.
I cant wait! But I'm so stressed out about it. I'm worried that I'm gonna suck it. So now I'm gonna do my passport than send out the form for provisional driving licence and than we can start xD

Also. My friend hurt me so so so so much.
Seriously. I have no words to describe how I feel . An I dont know what can I say to her now. After what she was saying about me and what she decided to do. But I know one thing that one day she will come to me on her knees beggin me to forgive her for what she has done. I bet for that.
My friends are also upset with that so if she come to us now she won't be welcomed anymore.
as polish sayings say *Jak Kuba bogu tak bog Kubie* ;]

and also I love my new dress.
Yes yes this one on the pic. xD I've got 2 more simillar to this one xD

And oh....I want my new Audi A4 cabriolet.

the one like this. I'm In-love with this cars seriously *-*
My dad said that If i'll stop touring I'll get one like this for my Birthday. Sooooo... pray for me to get one!!!.
btw. I love cars so I'll post some of them on this blog. xDDDD

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Köln is Calling!

Ok so today Iget greatest news of the day hahahaha.
Tokio Hotel gonna play Concert in Köln!!!
So finally I'm gonna meet with my friends.
I miss my girls soooooooooo much. I wonder who's gonna come xD
Today I brought my flight!!! so 26.08-30.08 I'm gonna be off for tour !
Oh man thats gonna be good!
I really cant wait.
But after buying my Flight I realized that my passport had just expired.
so on Monday or on Friday I have to go and do new one.
I hope I'll get it till 25th August.!!
I MUST be there no matter what!!!!
Btw. I love this city so much!

Ok I'm gonna read book now and I'll go to sleep :*

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


I just cant stop staring on that picture *-* This smile made my day seriously <3
I can't wait till I'll see him again. Its something I can't help oO
I'm listening to Michael Jackson.

Again I've burned my popcorn -_-'

Lets see what movie I'm gonna watch now...
Hmm maybe Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past
Ok I'm gonna watch this tonight xD

ciao :*


OMG I've got no words to describe Polish fans of Tokio Hotel.
They are most stupid ones seriously.
Can't wait till concert in Germany and when a lot of Polish fans gonna be there.
Lets see what's gonna happend there.
I bet its gonna be the same as in Dortmund last year.
Girls gonna come out of the venue all cried outbecause German fans will beat them up again -_-'
And Toms Blog is turning into Polish forum -_-'
And the war between fans just begun -_-'

ok Song of a day is....

I love this song *-*

Monday, 20 July 2009

bad days

From yesturday I've got bad days -_-'
yesturday I fall down from the stairs and i broke my tooth -_-'
i hate myself for that so much.
I look so stupid
My ribs, leg and my face are in pain

+ my tummy's killing me from pain
I hate those days seriously -_-'
I want to play my Sims 3 but my PC is too slow for them -_-'

Song of a day?

Ciao :*

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Thursday, 16 July 2009

MJ tribute, shopping, drinking, & College

So ON 13.07.09 I was at Michael Jackson fan meet-up at London O2 Arena where fans were paying tribute to our King of Pop. It was something amusing to experience
I have never meet such great fans as Michael Jackson fans seriously.
It totally different taste than Tokio Hotel fans.
The fans were so nice, caring and sweet. There wasn't any race who gonna be the best etc. There is just one love between them and they share it all together. Its love to his music.

Ok so at 7pm I meet with Eliza at North Greenwich station. but before that i was waiting for her for around one hour and my IPhone just broke -_-' so i couldn't phone her. Than we walk around and sat nxt to the barriers. We were talking like crazy and than Elizka just looked at something and i turned around and I saw some guy who looked same as Michael.
My heartbeat stopped for secon I was so affraid that Michael is comming in our way.
*Nati look!!!!!*

hahaha that was my reaction. I start to shake so much. I dint know whats going on i stand up and grab my camera at first poind than i was like *Its Michael or not?!*
I was seriously shocked I thought *OMG so he was making jokes on us with his death* that was my secod thought.
Than when he was near me i realized that's not Michael. It was Navi his *clone?!* We took pictures of him and we decidet do go to shop some beers xD
We went to Stratford and there my feet were dying from pain. That was because of my high heels -_-'
Than we got back to the Arena where the party was already started. we were walking around etc. we drink our beer and then walked into the crowd where was a lot of performances etc. we get to the second line. (There was sooooooo much of people)

We were singing MJ songs, dancing and watching dancers performing. which was amusing.
Even after getting some gelly thing on my heels my legs were still killing me so i took my shoes of haha xD I've cried so much that was so emotional.
Than at one moment when it was so dark white birds just flew on the sky and create MJ and everyone was like oOOOOO *I bet its our Michael* and everyone start to shout *Michael, Michael, Michael*
Than we came back to Elizkas house. and there get drunk *as always* hahahahaa

Next day in the morning my dad picked me up and we drive to the shopping center for little shopping xD

Yesturday I was in College to apply for my course. I've applied for Design (Graphics & photography) which I really like xD I'm waiting for the interwiew now. keep your fingers crossed for me xD

My Videos from Navi performance


Billie Jean

Ciao bambino :*

Monday, 13 July 2009

One year from my european tour .

Ah . I cant believe that one year just passed by.
Year before I was on my last concert from Tokio Hotel european tour.
I was touring with them to see them life. My journey to see them live in 2008 started in March.
I still remmember it so clearly like it was yesturday.
Its nice to know that i was a part of something like TH tour.
I wont give it to anyone even sometimes I had baddest moments in my life there.
But it was worth it. seriously. I've meet so much people on tour. which are now my good good friends. Some of them are my Best feirnds.

Still remmember me and Schwarzi going to Nijmegen and everytime we walked out of the hotel we recognize that we have forgoten something and going back over and over again haha
Or we were so hungry and we had some instant soups but we didnt have kettle so we went to the bathroom and do the instant soup in hot shower watter hahahaha.
Or the jokes about Your Mom on the camp hahaha like

Your mama's so poor she can't afford to pay attention
Your mama's so ugly she made an onion cry
Your mama's so stupid she blinked and got lost
Your mama's listening to Rubik.
Your mama's listening to Tokio Hotel.
Your mama doesn't have knees.
Your mama's shining in the darkness.
Your mama's found in forest.
Your mama's having go at trains.
hahaha ok enough xD

Or i sat at the airport in Barcelona with no food and water oO for 24 hours -_-
and almost fainted in the airplane.
yeah anyway that was huge experience for me xD because this tour was much bigger than the one in 2006

Now I'm seating and looking at all those moments that i've been through
I miss my friends, mostly Dredi, Schwarzi, Marta, Dian, Karolina, Ann.
I love this girls seriously. I'm glad that I had a chance to meet them

Hahaha and I have to say that so many people hate me for that i was on this tour and 2006 as well.
They made such a stupid things about me without even meeting me in person or knowing me well. I remember those times when they used to call me Bitch I think they still do that but I dont really care about it. Its their business. But sometimes it hurts so much.
Ok here are some of my other pic from Werchter festival

and my video from Dortmund xD

Ok I have to go now. I'm going with Elizka to Michael Jackson fan meet up at the O2
so Ciao Bambino :*

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sunday = Boredom

I must say that this was boooooring day -_-'
seriously, the weather was nice but still boring.
I was on the walk with my dad today. and than we went to the shop.
Our conversation there was so funny hahaha I wanted hot smoked Mackerel
so we went back to the fridges and my dad picked up some Mackerel fish

Dad: The one with pepper is good...
Me: Dont touch it!...somebody gonna eat it man!
Me: Why are you laughing? just stop touching that fish man!
Dad: Cant you see the foil there? hahahahahah "Don't touch it!!" hahahahah

Andd.....he was following me in the shop and everytime i grab something for me, he was like "don't touch it!" He was laughing at me -_-' yeah I was dumb but seriously i thought its just on the paper with no foil around it hahaha

Than we came back home and I had some watermelon with tropicana juice. I love watermelons. My favourite fruit xD

Than went to see our new house where we gonna move
Its really nice big house in Amersham .
And I've already planned how my new room gonna look like xD

I want brown or grey walls + some vintage wallpaper
light wooden furniture and huge Michael Jackson Picture on the wall .
Thats what i want for sure xD
Oh and I want sofa! and coffie table.

Oh.... and I forget my PC is one big piece of crap seriously.
Good that my dad want to buy me new laptop, because I've got the feeling that I'll throw this PC out of the window -_-'

Now I'm reading Michael Jackson Book. "Michael Jackson The Magic & The Madness" really good book
based on his life and when I've read about what his dad have done to him I want to go to California and kill his dad with my bare hands seriously.
"Joseph grabbed michaeland according to Marlon held him upside down by one leg and pummelled him over and over againwith his hand hitting him on his back and buttocks."


"When Michael was 5 he toddled into a room and had his breathe taken away when Joseph tripped him and he fell to the ground bloodied 'That's for watcha' did yesturday' Joseph said 'And tomorrow, I'm gonna get you for what you'll do today'
Michael began to cry. 'But i didn't even do nothin' yet' he said through his tears
'oh you will,boy' Joseph said 'You will' "

What a son of a bitch oO. What a Father? How could he do such a things to him?!
He was so innocent little boy -__-' I'm getting angry while reading this book oO

ahhh.... ok Good Night and see you tomorrow. :*

Good Mornin'

I must say I hate Sundays
they are boringgggg
can someone give me tuesday? or friday?
Ok whatever.
Tomorrow I'm going to MJ fan meet up ^^
hope it will be fun
hmmm what else?
I hate my PC for that its so slow today
oh and I just cant get this song off my mind just love it!

ok I'm going to take shower now
Ciao :*

at Night.

Wondering what I'm doing at nigh?
haha I'm watching movies xD
I love movies especially comedy/romance
I've just watched 'Imagine That' with Eddy Murphy for second time xD

such a great movie.
Now I'm gonna go to take shower and probably go to bed.

Sooooo..... Good Night :*:*

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Hey Hi Hello.

Welcome to my new Blog ^^
I'm Nati and
I'm from Poland but
I live in that awesome city called London xD
I'm gonna describe my daily life there xD
I'm Tokio Hotel and also Michael Jackson Fan
so you can expect some stuff about them here ;]
just hope that I wont get you bored ;]

ohh and I'll write this blog in 2 languages sometimes in Polish and (I hope) mostly in english xD

Ciao :*