Sunday, 26 July 2009

Dinner with driving instructor.

Today I had dinner with my driving instructor.
Hes a very good friend of my family. So that today i had very nice afternoon xD
Charles is soooooooo funny hahaha he made my day today. Finally Sunday wasn't that bored because today I was in rush from the early morning till now.
I like to be on the move so much.
So we had discussed my driving licence exams etc.
So we decided to do it in the middle of September so it could be done for my 18th birthday!.
I cant wait! But I'm so stressed out about it. I'm worried that I'm gonna suck it. So now I'm gonna do my passport than send out the form for provisional driving licence and than we can start xD

Also. My friend hurt me so so so so much.
Seriously. I have no words to describe how I feel . An I dont know what can I say to her now. After what she was saying about me and what she decided to do. But I know one thing that one day she will come to me on her knees beggin me to forgive her for what she has done. I bet for that.
My friends are also upset with that so if she come to us now she won't be welcomed anymore.
as polish sayings say *Jak Kuba bogu tak bog Kubie* ;]

and also I love my new dress.
Yes yes this one on the pic. xD I've got 2 more simillar to this one xD

And oh....I want my new Audi A4 cabriolet.

the one like this. I'm In-love with this cars seriously *-*
My dad said that If i'll stop touring I'll get one like this for my Birthday. Sooooo... pray for me to get one!!!.
btw. I love cars so I'll post some of them on this blog. xDDDD

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