Tuesday, 28 July 2009

College interview

Today I had my College Interview.
That was cool xD .I get the place ^^. I'm so happy!!!!
The woman who interviewed me gonna be my Tutor. She's so nice xD And she's german xD
I was the only girl for Art & Design oO!!!
I hope that I'm gonna have some girls in my class hahaha.
Last year there was only 6 of us girls lol.

Next year I'm gonna go back to my college in Paddington. I love this college. I miss it seriously.

Now I'm drawing. I'm kind of bored -_-'
I hate this holidays. Nothing is happenin' this year -_-;'

Than I'm gonna eat my Chicken Tikka.

Yeah and OMG that car on Tom's blog is sooooooooo cool!
haha I think I'm gonna print it out as well! hahahahahha

Tomorrow I'm going with Elizka to Oxford Circus. xD I want some shoes from Zara.
I saw some high heels there which were soooo nice so I must have them xD
Than we gonna go to the studio again and record 2 more songs xD

Ok and the song of the day is...

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