Thursday, 16 July 2009

MJ tribute, shopping, drinking, & College

So ON 13.07.09 I was at Michael Jackson fan meet-up at London O2 Arena where fans were paying tribute to our King of Pop. It was something amusing to experience
I have never meet such great fans as Michael Jackson fans seriously.
It totally different taste than Tokio Hotel fans.
The fans were so nice, caring and sweet. There wasn't any race who gonna be the best etc. There is just one love between them and they share it all together. Its love to his music.

Ok so at 7pm I meet with Eliza at North Greenwich station. but before that i was waiting for her for around one hour and my IPhone just broke -_-' so i couldn't phone her. Than we walk around and sat nxt to the barriers. We were talking like crazy and than Elizka just looked at something and i turned around and I saw some guy who looked same as Michael.
My heartbeat stopped for secon I was so affraid that Michael is comming in our way.
*Nati look!!!!!*

hahaha that was my reaction. I start to shake so much. I dint know whats going on i stand up and grab my camera at first poind than i was like *Its Michael or not?!*
I was seriously shocked I thought *OMG so he was making jokes on us with his death* that was my secod thought.
Than when he was near me i realized that's not Michael. It was Navi his *clone?!* We took pictures of him and we decidet do go to shop some beers xD
We went to Stratford and there my feet were dying from pain. That was because of my high heels -_-'
Than we got back to the Arena where the party was already started. we were walking around etc. we drink our beer and then walked into the crowd where was a lot of performances etc. we get to the second line. (There was sooooooo much of people)

We were singing MJ songs, dancing and watching dancers performing. which was amusing.
Even after getting some gelly thing on my heels my legs were still killing me so i took my shoes of haha xD I've cried so much that was so emotional.
Than at one moment when it was so dark white birds just flew on the sky and create MJ and everyone was like oOOOOO *I bet its our Michael* and everyone start to shout *Michael, Michael, Michael*
Than we came back to Elizkas house. and there get drunk *as always* hahahahaa

Next day in the morning my dad picked me up and we drive to the shopping center for little shopping xD

Yesturday I was in College to apply for my course. I've applied for Design (Graphics & photography) which I really like xD I'm waiting for the interwiew now. keep your fingers crossed for me xD

My Videos from Navi performance


Billie Jean

Ciao bambino :*

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