Friday, 30 September 2011

Off to Hamburg

(Hamburg May 2011)

I had really long day,  at college today as i started at 9 and finished at 5. Aywen is gone and its so empty without him but oh well.  Now i just finished washing my carpet as the doggie made super duper mess and I'm gonna go pack myself and than Hamburg calling!
 I missed this city so much and even I'm gonna be there till sunday only I wanna go no matter what, as its my beloved city! 
So have a great weekend. I'm definitely gonna enjoy mine ;D

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Hello everyone!
I'm being so lazy when it comes to blogging I know but its the fact that my life is filled with college and work right now.  I'm getting ready to go to work in an hour so I decided why not update my blog.
I started my project already and had to move straight to making my final piece cause of lack of time! .
Yesterday my friend from college gave me her dog to look after for about a week.  Its 6 months old alaskan malamute and he's so beautiful!!!!  A little bit naughty but luckily I can deal with dogs ;D
 Last night we went for a walk before it got dark and as soon as we left the house it started to rain as hell! but we carried on walking,  it wasn't that nice when we came back home and Aywen was wet and I had to clean him but oh well!
and his fur is soooo soft ! I love it!

isn't he lovely?

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Hello everyone!  I've been working on my sketchbook over few days and I feel like I've improved when it comes to sketchbook ideas, layering and so on. I've used 60 years old book I've found in my garage as my sketchbook, it looks amazing! I've always used plain white sketchbooks when doing my projects so a bit of a change is good right?
Anyways i totally forgot that when me and my friend were walking back to my house the other day we took pictures with horses!  I'm afraid of them as I had accident when I was a child so I was pretty freaking out when my friend told me to stroke their big heads a little, in the end I defeated my fear and did it!
Horses are such a beautiful creatures!

 this one was funny! haha
  one on the left had blue eyes !! so pretty!!!

Outfit :
Scarf- H&M
Jacket : River Island
Top: Primark
Jeans: Zara

Friday, 16 September 2011


That's how I looked yesterday right before going to college.  Really simple one khaki trousers with black blazer and little black dress underneath the blazer I used as a top with scarf around my neck and owl necklace. Its really comfortable and smart outfit I love it!

Blazer - really old cant remember where I got it from + handmade left shoulder detail
Khaki throusers - Primark
dress underneath the blazer - Primark ( i know you cant really see it but oh well .. )
Scarf - McQueen
Bag- Primark
Owl necklace - River Island. ( I'm so in love with this one! )

I'm going to the hospital now for another throat scan, keep your fingers crossed for me to get right diagnosis  !

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ombre Hair

As a woman i like to make changes when my life is in bad place or when I need to get over someone and best way to do it is definitely changing hairstyle ! Yesterday i went to superdrugs and bought L'oreal Perfect Blonde creme and I did ombre hair!  As i was considering doing it for long time i finally got guts to do it , I was pretty freaked out as my hair is so dark that if i bleach it i will end up with orange/coppery  hair but after repeating the process for 4 (!!!) times it came out exactly how i wanted it! I love it!  Ombre hair is loveeeeeeeeee !

So as I said before i done it myself, and i have to say its really easy thing to do, you just bleach the tips of your hair , you can get so many different tones it all depends on how long you leave the bleach on your hair, and of course you have to do it in few steps like for eg. i did it in 4 as my hair was really dark, i took 2-3 cm of hair and bleached it than i added another 2 cm and bleached it again and than another 2-3 cm and so on and so on. Its important that each time you shorten the time of leaving dye on your hair because you want it look like you have gradient on your hair.  I also added some on my fringe because i wanted it to look like I've got some huge roots going on haha ! But you can do it however you want it to look like, for eg you can add some highlights to it as well, I've seen some youtube videos where girls did that, or if you have blonde hair you can add some brown dye onto it to create reverse-ombre look.
Of course your hair is gonna need extra care after bleaching and the texture of it will definitely be dry,  weak and rough. You can buy a toner to make the brassiness of it go away but I'm not gonna do it now as I don't want my hair to be more destroyed as it is, I mean, I expected my hair to fall out and be really dry but as a surprise its kinda fine, a bit dry but not that much maybe its the conditioner that came with the bleach I bought or the bleach itself , I remember when I was about 15 I dyed my hair all blonde and the texture was so awful ! ,My hair broke and were super dry, didn't had any shine but I used different bleach.
Make sure to use aluminium foil to wrap your hair because it makes the dye heat up and keeps bleach from drying ! 

Anywayyysss I really love the look, its something different from plain dark brown hair I used to have!
Here are some pics:

 thats the bleach i used
 first stage of bleaching
 results of first bleaching
 yeheeeeey hahaha loving this superdrugs bag on my head haha !
 thats how my hair look like after bleaching it 4 times xD

i know i may repeat myself but OMBRE HAIR IS LOVEEEEEEEE!


Hello to all of my readers! I know I didn't said a word after the post about my exhibition and went away with no sign of life and I'm truly sorry ! Its just I was so hyper about the summer that I totally forgot about my blog, which is bad but oh well. And as you can see I actually never post over summer, I don't even know why I do that but I like to have a bit of a break from everything over summer. Unfortunately my summer wasn't that good at all, I had so many problems and I'm still trying to get myself out of it mentally even so they are over. It supposed to be 180* different, I planned my summer totally different but with my luck everything turned to be just some kind of a mistake!  I lost so much and if i would came back to the UK after just one week of being in Poland my summer could have turned out pretty great, how bad I cant turn back the time and correct it, but we all learn from our mistakes right? so no more Poland for me for loooong time I don't even wanna go there in near future . Its funny when i look at it now how everything can be destroyed by one move, pretty sad but i need to get over it and get myself sorted out! .

Ok so I started my second year of National Diploma and its gonna be sooo hard this year, for eg. last year we had up to 3 months to finish off one project, right now we've got only 1 month which is not enough time, so what I need to do is manage my time even tighter than before. Its all because of portfolio building and all of this Uni stuff we need to get done . So I've got new project which is a group project , I'm gonna kinda collaborate with one photography student and 2 graphics students.  I need to create accessory  and this time I can get my own idea of the theme and I've chosen paper & volume. I never work with paper and my tutor was complaining about that a lot last year so I'm gonna give it a go this time.. this is exciting for me as its something new and i've got some nice ideas in my mind !

Monday, 11 July 2011


Soooo first year of college just finished! Summer timeeeeee yeyeyeye!
So exhibition was awesome! I put so much work and efford in it! and I'm actually proud of myself no matter what, I had bad and good times when I was working on this project, I had times when I just wanted to grab all my work and throw it in the bin because I thought its the shittest thing ever, and i had times when i was just so determinated and proud of what I've created! Mostly at the end when my final outcome was standing in this glass booth and people were amazed by my work, and asked questions and all it felt so good! . Im proud of myself because I've put so much into this and it came out so well, and this isnt just my opinion but others as well!
I think its the best feeling when you work your ass for 3 months on something and than group of people will come and look at it and tell you that its amazing and stunning and really good quality, the best is that people think that im experienced in sewing and making garments but im NOT, its my second dress! people were quite shocked about it but oh well.. I dont know this exhibition made me feel good, really good actually!
It didnt go as I wanted it to, but in the end it was great ! I cant wait to exhibit my work next year!
Anyways I had so much fun with my people and i would like to thank every person which showed up for me i lovee you guyyys!

some pics of my work !

;D !

Sunday, 26 June 2011

New in the closet.

Hello  peopleeee! i missed blogging so i came back to post something here as i have some free time right now. Im finishing my first year of Fashion design and i cant believe it went so fast! and WTF i need to start preparing for Uni soon, im gonna write my personal statement very soon, and as friend of mine advised me to do i will write it few time to get the perfect one till september. In september i will need to know which courses and which Universities i want to go to and start applying. Its freaking me out you cant imagine.  Its my dream to go to Central Saint Martins and i will try my best to end up there at least on foundation diploma! because i guess its the best place you can go for fashion.  anywayyyyyssss.... Im in such a stress i have exhibition on Monday, Its prvate view so just close friends and families will be able to attend it,
And my life couldnt be better ! i love it right now, its just beautiful, even the sun is coming back to us!
I have beautiful dress to wear on my exhibition. Damnnn im stressing out im scared that my dress is not good enough, and i think i expect too much from myself. And the thing i will have to talk about it what inspired me and such is also freaking me out. But good there is a bar with free drinks so i can drink some and it will be easier hahaha !
anyways here is some shopping from this week!

 Dress - H&M
 Plain Ballerinas- Primark

 Skirt - H&M
 Skirt- H&M
outfit :  jacket - h&m, scarf- h&m suglasses-new look

Isnt that dress beautiful? when i saw if i just knew it have to be mine! haha and the shoes so cute! i was looking in so many shops but they didnt had plain ballerinas in the coulour of my dress but Primark. damnn i love primark!
Now im gonna go change into my swimsuit and lay in my garden and get some tan because we have some serious sun over here!!!
Oh and my darling is coming today to stay over mine and  she will go college in the afternoon with me and than exhibition as well ! yeyeyeye !
I will post pictures from the exhibition on comming days as i will be pretty busy this coming week, i have to go to hospital as well so keep your fingers crossed for meee!!!

Monday, 13 June 2011

No time.

one of my exhibition designs. 
Hello everyone, I dont have time for blogging at all. There are so many things going on in my life that are more important for me right now.. Im so stressed out every day and i wish everything will be over as soon as possible. I def. need a vaccation or some kinda getaway because i cant take some stuff anymore. But oh well Im a strong person so i will get through it.  Im also preparing for an exhibition as you see, which is stressing me out so much but oh well what can i do? just do my best thats it. 
Just wanted to say I'm alive and inform you guys i will NOT be blogging till the end of this month, well hopefully i will post some pictures of my finished dress and some pictures from the exhibition.. 
Oh and weather sucks, I hate UK for that! 
Rain rain rain rain kiss my ass rain.

Monday, 30 May 2011

New in the closet.

 Chiffon blouse - primark.

combat skinnies- primark
Pilot sunglasses.- new look

So i finally found a pair of glasses that actually fit my face, there are not many of them, and i was looking for perfect ones for like half of the year i tried so many and none fit but these are perfect! I love them! now i can actually wear sunglasses on my nose not on my head haha ! 
Oh and i love this combat skinny jeans, when i was in new look i tried on the same pair  but without the zips on the legs but they didnt looked good on my ass so i went around other shops looking for something like this and i found perfect ones in PRIMARK., and half of the new look price! ( gosh how much i love primark haha)  some people say primark is shit but i love it i really do, sometimes they have better clothes than river island and i could buy 2 times more in primark than in RI. 

and a chiffon blouse, i absolutely love chiffon such a delicate and soft fabric, it makes you fel so light when you wear it, i worked a lot with chiffon on my last project and thats where i feel inlove with this fabric so chiffon blouse is a must have for me. And i dont know if i already wrote it here but i have 4 meters of this fabric to sew another 2 blouses myself with my own design, i just need to sit down and design and sew it. I will obviously write a post about it when im gonna do it. 

What else  Kasia is coming over today hopefully we will get to go to the pub and drink some and she will see my prince charming tomorrow morning and than she will do me eyelash extentions ! so exciteddddd!!! 
Oh and today is bank holiday but its not making any difference for me as i always have mondays off so -_-' 

oh god. im such a doughnut -_-'

Friday, 27 May 2011


Today is one of these days when I miss my really long hair so badly, They were so long oh god, i spend 2 years growing them to the lenght right behind my belly bottom (after straightening them) I always could do something with them, curl them, straighten them, do a bun do a french plot and so many other things,, my hair is almost half of the lenght shorter than it was before and dont you even ask me why i went to the hairdressers even i promissed to myself 2 years ago that i will never visit it again and i started to cut it myself because they never do what i want  just like now when i told the woman not to cut it from lenght or if she have to  that maximum she could cut was 2 cm, after i stood up i saw this 2 cm....... but oh well, hair aint a hand it will grow back, it will take time and it still hurts so much when i think how beautiful they were but i cant turn back the time.

Oh and i've been thinking about changing my hair colour back to black ( I used to have black hair for 2-3 years back in the days) and i kind of miss it.
Anyways i found nice pics on my PC  from few days before i went to poland for easter.

 after looking at that picture i really want my hair black ( no its not photoshoped it came out like this because of the light)

omg i miss my haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir *cries*


Heloo yesterday we did this photoshoot with Sandi, Kaskas, Edwina and Chris.and I have to say that photos came out amazing! I loved it! can't wait to see the rest of the photos as I just got one yesturday from Sandra.

A little bit about the dress, I skipped the collar as i had difficulties with constructing it, and i dyed all the fabrics myself;
Anyways here you go.

 Photo: Sandra Gorska
Makeup: Kasia Lepla
Model: Edwina Sadowska
Dress: Me.

Monday, 23 May 2011


Hello everyone, its been a while since my last post here I know., its because i dont have time for internet now,.
I've got deadline of my Final Major Project which is really really important, and I'm focusing on my college work right now. Im constructing my dress, I've done upper part of it it came out perfectly, i still need to figure out how to attach the collar to the dress but i will find a way somehow, . I bought 12 meters of chiffon fabric on sunday and im really really happy about it, I found really good place to buy it and i think i will visit it more offten to buy other fabrics, Tomorrow im gonna dye this 12 meters and sew it to my dress and that will be it, than we planned photoshoot with Sandi and Kaskas hopefuly everything will work out how i want it to be and than i need to design exhibition , do some design sheets and so on and its really a lot of work so hope you understand that i dont have time haha .
Oh and i bought 2 meters of black chiffon and 2 meters of white chiffon to make a blouses for myself but i will do it after the deadline and when i will have time to sit down and do it.

I spend my weekend with my friends and it was really fun and today i modeled for Kaskas as she had her airbrush makeup assesment. I loved it!

Ok enough of that in this post I wanted to show you 4 new nailpolishes i bough on saturday which im also inlove with, As we all know pink and orange and all the bright colours are the BOSSES of this summer, I didnt had that shades in my nailpolish collection so i bought som and i also found freally funky black nailpolish which after you put one coat on your nail it will break down and form some kind of cracks, looks really really cool!

Here are some pics.:

and the makeup :

Monday, 16 May 2011


Haven't done outfit post for ages so i thought i wil ldo one today xD I'm wearing really basic one, white jeans with oversized shirt. Nothing special but looks and feels good and confortable. I found this jeans somewhere deep in my closet i cant remember where i got them from because they are like 3 years old but i had them on no more than 5 times as they are white and its easy to get dirt on them. I think everyone should have pair of these esspecially when its warm outside you dont want to burn your ass in dark clothes.  Shirt is from Primark.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


hello you all!
Yesterday i sat till 3 in the morning doing maquette of my final design, im struggling  a bit with the collar because i have no clue out of what can i make it to stand still, i tried plastic, paper, glue, some other plastic solutions and nothing is good enough to hold it. so im gonna have big problem to make bigger piece, so i will ask my tutor Sharon for help as she should know how to make it.
Anyways i used a lot of different materials, which is good because mixing media will give me more marks, also my little manequin is disabled it lost its second leg but i tried to fix it and it sits in place haha .
the colours will be a bit different because i painted the fabric with watter colours as i dont have proper fabric dyes here but we have themn in college which is good xD
and it's not so neat because i was too lazy to sew the top part properly so it loks a bit messy but i just did it to have a clue how to cut my patterns and how to join everything together
anyways here it is i really like it even its not perfect made haha .
oh and i hate chicken wire my fingers are dying because of all the bending and cutting it.

Now im gonna get ready and im off to see my friend., I need to drag her to the park so she can run with me in the evening XD

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Off for a run

 so im off for a run, its such a nice weather and as i said i wanna move more so im gonna run when i have time and walk from the tube station to my house which is far., I've got my iphone with me so i can listen to some music and bottle of vitamin water  (c+zinc) yesss vitamin water is the shit! . i love it!
anyways not gonna waste anymore time siting here so im off for an hour