Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Natinoid.- Chcked-in Humanid City.

so time to go!
Im not yet packed but i will do it now, than i will take long bath
and go to sleep for fewhours to be ready for my flight.
today i bought some nice things on tour and nice cheese i love for sandwitches hahaha
also i have 8 GB SD card hahaha my dad saved my camera life hahaha i had 2GB and it wont be enought for this concerts xD
what else? i hope i will fit in 20 kilos hahaa
ok so ....

Checked-in Humanoid City
For One night in Tokio Hotel.
Screaming so loud in Room 483.

see you guys!!
wish me luck and...have nice stay in Humanoid City!!!!

Love, Peace & Humanoids.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

fighting with....

my sleeping bag hahahahaha its so huuuuge and it sont want to fit in any of my suitcases ...Eustachy we have a problem hahahaha god god god!
so what i will do? hahahahahahah all the clothes on the pic must go into this bag + sleeping bag + my cushion + 5 pairs of shoes + all my makeup stuff hahahahahahahhahaa
i know i know its impossible hahahahahaa
my bag is huge and my sleeping bag is even more HUGE hahahaha
as you can see thats my tour mess hahahahah should i ask Chuck Norris ro pak it for me? hahahahahahahhai really dont know what to do with it but well hahahaha i have to do it SOMEHOW hahahaha
yesturday i went for last shopping for this tour i bought some things aha and also this sleeping bag i will call Eustachy hahaha nice name in it? hahahaa
well haha i have to deal with it whatever i want it or not. and i know isa will kill me for my second bag hahahaha i love you too honey <3 hahahahahahaha

KURWA Eustachy zawstydzil Holi bo jest o polowe wiekszy niz jej sie to wydawalo hahahahaha
co nie ? hahahahah
dawno po polsku tu niepisalam wiec kurwa mam problem i to duzy, widzicie na foto moj kurwa burdel i ja mam sie spakowac? i wy marudzicie ze niemozecie sie zmiescic w 10 kilo? co ja mam powiedziec jak mam 20? hahahahahahahahaha
no i chuj! nati da rade...jakos hahaha

haha peace & love & HUMANOIDS!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

18th B-Day!

Today its my 18th bday.
feel so strange really really strange. hahaa i drinked some champainge and whiskey with my dad and i had nice cake also. i will celebrate it on tour and in poland in summer having huge party xD
so today i was doing one big nothing hahahahaI dont feel its my bday. maybe because there is no party and so on.
i will feel it in Hamburg than in lodz and than in my hometown hahaha
so i wish myself happy 18th bday and the best and so on hahah Nati i love you <3 hahahaha



Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Tour shopping

some things i will take with me on this tour.
i love this leggings <3333
i will go in them to se boys live ahhaha
ok everything from there is already packed
i will colour my hair tomorrow. i still need sleeping bag and pair of jeans and new cloves haha
im still so sick and in paing. but its better now than before
ok so now i will relax a bit haha im stressed as fuck and oh god few days and im gone hahaha

take care .


Sunday, 7 February 2010

Survey Time.

Your Cell Phone?
Your Hair?
messed up
Your Mother?
R.I.P. ;((
Your Father?
is sleeping
Your Favorite Food?
Your Dream Last Night?
can't remember but something weird
Your Favorite Drink?
tropicana juice
Your Dream/Goal?
thats my secret ;]
What Room Are You In?
my bedroom.
Your Hobby?
Your Fear?
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years?
no idea
Where Were You Last Night?
in my bed
Something That You Aren’t?
gay? hahahaha
Wish List Item?
tom haha
Where Did You Grow Up?
Last Thing You Did?
did nice secret research hahahaha with my friend.
What Are You Wearing?
pj bottoms and white tank top
Your TV?
is biiiiiiig
Your Pets?
some fly's in my kitchen :D
the best people in the world (ok sometimes not haha)
Your Life?
its my lifeeeeeeee it's now or never i ain't gonna live foreverrrrrrrr lalallaa
Your Mood?
stressed, in pain and fucked up.
Missing Someone?
as hell
my hoover hahaa
Something You Aren’t Wearing?
granny pants haha
Your Favorite Store?
river island
Your Favorite Color?
When Was The Last Time You Laughed?
uhm 5 minutes ago
Last Time You Cried?
TODAY! i cired from pain, like someone was ripping my skin off -_-'

Your Best Friend?
does that exist?
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again?
kitchen, bathroom, bed.
spacebook? myface?
Favorite Place To Eat?
my bed hahaha

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


yeah today's post gonna be about Zara.
but not the shop Zara but the girl which im so sorry for.
before watching video or reading something ask yourself how old can she be ?

50?, 40?. 35?
no shes just 13. im so shocked about it. i never saw sickness like she have before
and oh god im so shocked oO
and people have no respect to her oO thats so lame, people instead of making her a little ok they making her worse thats sick -_-'

here is a reportage about this girls.
oh jesus im so sorry and sad for her oO


Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Old Navy Womens Slub-Knit Racerback Tanks, $4.99
N.Y.L.A. 'Zipit' Ankle Boot, $145
Les Chiffoniers Lederhose Croc, 800 EUR
"I Love My Fridge (Heart)" 25mm Pin Button Badge ∴ I LOVE... ∴ Big..., 0.99 GBP

so i was pretty bored this morning and i did nice outfit xD
i would die for this leggings awesome but expensive as fuck hahaha
i thought about this outfit for concert. but without high heels of course haha
but it would be great for going to the hotel in it?
i saw white tank top + suspenders on Jade Ewen video and i feel inlove with it xD
i need to look for some suspenders as i couldnt find any in last days xD

oh and i just made carrot juice for myself *-*
its yummy hahaha
i have nothing to do now so i will watch dr. house hahahaha
but my PC is being a bitch so lets see how it will go on xD

ok have nice day everyone


Monday, 1 February 2010


so today we say welcome to febuary haha
my month haha def. im gonna be so old in 10 days ahaha
and in 17 im going away, thats scaring me even more haha
today was pretty lazy day. my dentist appointment got canceled, so im going this thursday aaaagrrrr its killing me haha i wish i could be after it.
and well it was so sunny day today, i wish we can have this weather in rotterdam and other concerts hahaha
im thinking what should i take, i need to buy so many many things still.
and i lost my sunglasses hahaha i will need them on tour as my eyes can be tired sometimes haha
if i wont find them i need to buy some new onesi also cut my hair today xDDDDD
well not much but still, i did layers i like my hair now xD and again i think getting haircut done by myself is way better than hairdresser, i dont thrust them no more, i had situations that i explained to them carefully what i really want but they did it different way xD thats why i cut my hair myself xD
tomorrow i will go to boots and buy some hair paint so i will coulor them , probably dark brown i want to go back to my real hair colour XD

haha i took this pic just now, yes im drinking nice nice coffee with cream and chockolate on the top *-*, and looking through my tour notes, writing important stuff in it and so on and on xD
and chilling a bit xD listening to Whitney Houston <3
what can i say? haha i will watch Dr. House in few minutes ahahahah .
i told you guys im addicted to it hahaha .
ok so song i listen to

just loveeeeeeeeee Whitney and this song *-*
so i will finish my notes now take care