Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Old Navy Womens Slub-Knit Racerback Tanks, $4.99
N.Y.L.A. 'Zipit' Ankle Boot, $145
Les Chiffoniers Lederhose Croc, 800 EUR
"I Love My Fridge (Heart)" 25mm Pin Button Badge ∴ I LOVE... ∴ Big..., 0.99 GBP

so i was pretty bored this morning and i did nice outfit xD
i would die for this leggings awesome but expensive as fuck hahaha
i thought about this outfit for concert. but without high heels of course haha
but it would be great for going to the hotel in it?
i saw white tank top + suspenders on Jade Ewen video and i feel inlove with it xD
i need to look for some suspenders as i couldnt find any in last days xD

oh and i just made carrot juice for myself *-*
its yummy hahaha
i have nothing to do now so i will watch dr. house hahahaha
but my PC is being a bitch so lets see how it will go on xD

ok have nice day everyone



  1. czekalam na nia moze z 3 tygodnie, od momentu zlozenia podania w warszawie i dostalam na 10 lat, wiec serio, jakichs zadnych problemow nie bylo.

    zajebisty ten outfit, legginsy i buty, sa po prostu nieziemskie *___* czaisz, kocham buty na obcasie ale mam w nich jakies 190 albo i wiecej, i wygladam jak olbrzym hahah wiec nie czesto nosze, ale te sa po prostu cudne!

    w housie niektore odc sa w chuj smutne oO najlepsze jednak sa dialogi wilson-dr.house hahah

    a moze musisz sformatowac kompa? oO to najgorsze jest, ale czasami nie ma wyboru