Friday, 29 April 2011


as i said i got it in poland and it was really spontanious. xD
My brother was telling me how much would that hurt but as soon the artist put the niddles in i started to laugh because it gave me tickles haha oh well...
i love it. it got really special meaning.

Thursday, 28 April 2011


Hello everyone, I came back from poland yesturday evening so i didnt had time to write something here as i was just dreaming about my bed.
Its gonna be sort of quick post, I just wanted to tell you guys that I came back and i will be able to post again.
I can only tell you guys that this few days in my homeland were amazing, and really more things happened in 7 days than in a months time when im in the UK.
 Now I just wanna teleportate back to my city in Poland and carry on enjoying my time with the closest people. but i obviously cant i have so much work to do , and im going away to Germany next weekend, and I hope to get such a wonderful weather as i got in poland because it was just stunning!

oh and i almost forgot i got my first tattoo !! I really love it but i will talk about it in comming up posts.

So England welcomed me back with such a warm sunny weather, now im gonna go and call my friend and than do the laundry as i will need to pack my bags again very soon.

Enjoy the sun!  as i cant really do that because of my tattoo :D

Monday, 18 April 2011

Off to motherland.

Alright i have jst few things to pack and im ready to go to Poland. Im so happy to go there, i missed my country so so so so much, and you can actually say bunch of bad things about my country but i love it, i love my country so so much, well probably you guys which are in Poland all the time dont know how it is, Im here in UK for almost whole year and its such a joy to get out of here to somewhere where you can hear people speaking your language all the time, where all your friends you know since you were little are where your brothers and sisters are where everything you had is, where people know you as you are, So this one week there is making me so happy you cant imagine and i will enjoy it so much because after this week there i will be back in my everyday-life which is boring as fuckm where every street look the same and so on and so on. haha lol yes i think im very patriotic when it comes to where im from and where i grew up. Poland is a country like no other thats it! hahaha
Im also happy to see my family from Germany as we will stop in Kassel & Paderborn for few hours, ohhh i cant wait to drink some of my favourite juice they sell in germany ! haha  
ohhh alright enough of this i went to the shops 5 times today and i swear im not going to anyshop anymore, im tired of it haha ! , i bought more gifts for my little sunshine and i cant wait to see her being happy because she loves hello kitty and i've got so much stuff with hello kitty for her.  And this cute shoes i've got for her.
I also bought some makeup i wanted to try out like "eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner" by maybelline, brown nailpolish, new mascara and creme puff powder
i also bought crocs hahahah ! with hello kitty hahaha i know i know ! haha , but they are so so so confortable, i feel like im in heaven when walking in them!

So thats my last post before i leave to my beloved country, i dont think i will have time to write anything  there, and its even gonna be nice to have a break from internet and blogging

Anyways i would like to wish you all happy happy happy easter i hope bunny will bring you some nice presents! Have fun and enjoy your time with your families as i will do so . 
See you in couple of days ! 


hello , im packing up my bags, i know its so late but i need to do it because i wont have much time later on .
i need to get some long long sleep before leavoing as its gonna be long trip.
And omg i feel so sick after yesturdays party, i swear i will never drink so fast again NEVER!
i had 4 hour nap after i came back home but it never helped. I hope im gonna be back to normal later because i dont want to travel like this. And i dont want to hear a word vodka for couple of weeks pleasee!
well i bet i will drink some in poland and it makes me sick already haha !
Im trying to update my iphone to iOS 4.2 but of course i cant do it because there are some errors. i dont know if i sad it here but I HATE IPHONES worse phone ever!!!!!
and as my update failed, i culdnt put new music up so i bought spotify premium and now im syncing all my playlists to my phone so i can listen to it on the go.
anyways im gonna put everything in my bags, i have to take my fashion project with me as i dont have much time left to finish it and i guess i will have some time in Poland to do it there. just few designs and descriptions
anywayyys... goodnight! i will write something before leaving xD

haha look how essex-y i looked last night hahaha !

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Party time.

hello everyone im in a rush i just came back from shopping and now im eating my pizza and getting ready to go out to Kaskas and than we gonna go to our frind bday party which have a theme! haha i need to run to superdrug when im gonna be on harrow and buy wash off tan because im gonna dress up like Jwwow from Jersey shore haha , seems like fun doesnt it? haha well im really lazy today and getting me to decide to go there was a challenge but i decided to go in the end. now need to pray that my trains are working properly so i can get to kaskas on time and do the tan my camera is dead but i will try to charge it so maybe there will be some pics as well xD
anyways i found old old top today and i decided to wear it because it matches my throusers!

so here is how i look now

well i love the outfit and i thing sometimes diging in your closet is good because you will always find old stuff that you will wear again!
so now im off and have nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Paris 14.04.2010

ah beautiful memories, Paris last year was such a spontanious trip I didnt wanted to miss last concert from this beautiful tour. I like Paris but after that trip it made me change my mind about this city in negative way., when i was in Paris before i never visited outer parts of it and never got in contact with such a rude french people as last year.  Seriously i dont know if it was bad luck or whatever but people were so racist and simply not nice, i dont speak french so i spoke english to get sme help and instead of that i got " you're in france- speak french" from almost everyone, only woman in the shop where we wanted to buy tickets was nice haha. but whatever.
I met with my friends from Holand which saved my ass for few hours than I met my best friend under eiffel tower right in the middle it was kinda magical to meet person you love as your sibling right there, i will probably never forget that moment, never in my life, later we went to the hotel washed and went to bed, woke up in the morning got our things and went to the hotel to see our 4 bastards, which was fun really fun haha ! i think we had the best place ever and thank you to some NICE GUYS ahaa to being sooo kind and nice to us :DD
and well the situation at the hotel omg when i think about it it makes everything warm inside of me. but still than we had a problem with the tickets but at the end we bought them at the venue and inside the venue we sneaked out of our places and got way better ones . The concert was amazing, so emotional and it went so fast really fast but well all good things come to the end really quickly.
Than our nice night at the bus station where i had to wait for my bus back to london.
But yeah once again i wanna thank to all the people which were there with me because when i look back at it i just want to remember all the good things, and of course there were more good than bad things .
and of course next time they gonna be there im gonna go
Oh god how much i miss it i wanna go backkk *-*!!!!

 around midnight with my best ever ♥

 waitingwating + i was painting my nails hahaha ! 

 %^^$%#^^$^$%%$%$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and georg once again im SORRY hahahahaha !
 around 5 am in the morning at Eiffel Tower
hahahah omg.

hahaha keep looking honey!!!! hahaha

Now im being lazy as yesturday, and i finished watching all the episodes of my polish series. i wanna know whats gonna happen!! omg whyyy this bastard said hes not her brother now the ONE cant tell her to marry  her omg omg omg they better fix it!!! hahaha yes im getting emotional when it comes to the series haha !

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Hi guys, I've got such a lazy day today, i didnt went toi college as i think it was pointless for me to spend more time in the tube than at the college itself. Today i would just give in my project and sit fr 15 minutes listening to my teacher talking about new one, which i bet he will do after easter break as well so lets say 30 minutes in college compared to hour and a half of traveling was not worth even getting up ! So i stayed at home, and im being such a lazy cow right now.
And you know how do i do it i cleaned my room on monday and its wednesday and my room look like tsunami payed us a visitm which is ridicilous as i dont even know where is this mess comming from i wasnt at home for whole day on tuesday ...anyways i need to clean again and i hate cleaning so its a nightmareeee !
What else i cat stop watching this one polish series with my favourite actor jesus why he has to be so omg *-* ?
whyyyy anyways the series is so nice reminds me bit of polish ugly betty because few people from it also play in the series i watch .

yeah looks interesting huh?
(Bobeeeeeeeeeeeeeczeeeeeeeekkk japierdolejejejejejejejejee) sorry i had to hahaha !

and to my polish readers : 
Ktoś z ogląda? Jeżeli tak to, też wam ten serial strasznie przypomina Brzydule?  Bo mi na maksa, i omg jak mnie Socha wkurwia w tym serialu, mam ochotę jej coś zrobić przez monitor hahaa !

anyways i have 2 pics of my outfits from yesturday well the one i had in college and after college when i came back home and went to the town. so


Throusers: Primark
Jacket: River Island
Shirt (from 1st pic): H&M
Tank Top: cant remember.

Sunday, 10 April 2011


Here we go another sundaym this month is going so fast, i dont know how about you guys but its going too fast i dont know why i swear it was just tuesday yesturday, but anyways im happy its going fast. Today im gonna do my laundry and pack my bags because i will not have time for that next weekend and on sunday im gonna drive to my homeland finally, i cant wait. I feel so excited to see everyone, my family my friends my city everything!.
And they opened first shopping mall in my city so def. im gonna check it out.
Yesturday I was up pretty early as i was shopping in the morning with my dad than i had opticians appointment i need new glasses and contact lenses yes i do wear glasses my eyes are pretty bad. Than i went to my friend we bought some beers and went to the park, which was like up the hlll and climbing it was hell but we made it and sat in the sun had nice talks and laughs i like this days when you just grab a beer and sit in the park with your friends and just have nice chill out. And i burned my back from the sun! yes i did !!! seriously  my friend was like "look at your back so burned!" and i was just like oh shit. its so red damn! and later i had a fever because of that but sttill after we had beers we went for little shopping nothing much i was looking for a summer dress obviously never found one, but i bought nice throusers for myself i love them i tried them on once but wasnt sure but now im sure they are great haha . I also bought some jeans and tshirt for my little sunshine , my brothers daughter which is beautiful 4 years old girl i cant wait to see her.
Than we met another friend bought some drinks and again went to the park in the evening which was ass-cold so we went to my friends house and watched some polish series i cant remember the name but it was pretty good!
My dad picked me up in the evening and we drove home  listening to AC/DC on full volume, gotta love my dad for that hahaha !

i know its a bit too warm to buy scarf but h&m had sale and i saw this one its so nice warm cosy and soft and couldnt help it.
 here are some things i bought for my little girl, look at the hello kitty PJ's hahaha (she loves hello kitty btw)

alright so im gonna go clean up my room do the laundry and pack my bags as next weekend gonna be too busy . maybe i will get the pics from my friend later and pst it because we both forgot the cameras so she was doing some pics with her phone lol
Have nice sunday everyone!  Enjoy the sun if you got one.

Friday, 8 April 2011


hello there its Friday which means no more college till tuesday and next week is a last week and than half term omg im so happy about that yopu cant imagine! Anyways few days ago i ordered few books and i recived one today and also an email saying that 2 books i wanted and need badly are being reprinted and hell knows when they gonna come here so anyways here is a book its called  "Fashion Designers Sketchbooks" and its basically pictures of how famous fashion designers create their work wrom scratch how they illustrate their work and how their sketchbook is organized which is really usefull thing to have when you have no idea how to organize your sketchbook and sometimes im stuck and dont know how to put my ideas together. also there are little interviews with the designers which i havent checked out yet but i will do soon .
Anyways im really ill i chatched a virus somewhwere and im dying. my nose is a nightmare so runny and annoying and i have temperature all the time, and i had to drag myself to college throught all the week with this cold but i made it and im actually proud as i never did it before, I was always like ahh i dont feel good im gonna stay home which was different now i just put myself together and went there did my work and im happy . It feels like summer in London, seriously its hot not warm but hot and im melting outside on thursday when we were going back to college from our lunch 2 billboards with temperature showed 32*C and 33*C so thats like summer, and i saw people sunbathing in the park today which is pathetic a bit its too early for that isnt it?
 I need some lighter and summer clothes so i will go for small shopping tomorrow,  And now i need to sort out the situation with my nose because its a dickhead .

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


hi everyone during the week i donthave much tim as my life these days is only college -doing work-sleep. so i just wanted write quick update .
After pretty heavy rain  yeaturday the sun came back which is really good, because no one likes rain when you have to travel across London in the rain thrust me its nightmare at least for me. + i have to carry my sketchbooks and try not to wet them.
Im preparng for my visual studies and its last normal lesson before the deadline which wll be pretty hard as im not ahead with the project . so today im gnna work my ass off again just to try to finish it off.

so have a nice day everyone.

Monday, 4 April 2011


Hello!  Im doing my project right now. I really want to finish this research and move on to the next stage, i just need to stick pictures in describe some of the work and stick in artist bio and i guess im done also i was thinking about buying few books, Both of Pattern Magic books which show how to manipulate fabric and i really need to learn different techniques to be more orginal.
And look at me chillaxin in XXXXXXXXXXL sweatshirt i designed and i curled my hair today i was so bored haha !

my mcqueen book i copied for my research its always better to get infos from books than internet, and iris van herpen such an amazing young artist shes only 24 but shes making such a beautiful and futuristic pieces i love her work so much

Sunday, 3 April 2011


Rings: H&M & Primark
Necklace wrapped around my arm: cant remember 
Leggings: River Island
Tank top: Primark

OMG im inlove with my new H&M ring, i saw it online few days ago and i fell for it. I was looking for something like this for ages and none of the other rings i tried on were right but this one is just perfect, fits perfectly and feels confortable, i have few rings that really annoy me when i've got them on, for eg,  the one with silver bird i have on on this pics, its really pretty ring but when i want to reach something from my pocket or im doing something with my hasir its just pain in the arse seriously.  The tiny tiny ring with cuffs on is so old, i cant remember where i got it from i just remember it was attached to some branclet, and i bought it because i remember how hard i tried to be emo kid but i never looked like one as i never could reach this emo look, which is good because now when i look at this i find it ridicilous but well another fun fact about me : "i tried to be emo but i failed"  lets go back to the ring, so yeah i found it few months ago and i actually like to wear it from time to time, it looks good. What else it was such a nice day today and when i came back home there was thunderstorm. .
I had such a nice day/night with my girls last night we went to the party had some fun and than decided to go home earlier and do "girls night" we watched movies and did face masks , fun times! I want more of those!

Anyways its my dad's day today i dont really know what can i call it maybe like half-bday or name day ? polish people celebrate it and today my dad have it so happyyyyy name day/ half-bday to the best dad in the whole world i love him so so much !

yeah and now im gonna go and force myself to do some research! and no i dont celebrate UK's mothers day, im gonna wait for may :D but happy mother's day to everyone who celebrate it.

Saturday, 2 April 2011


outfit :
bag:: old
shirt: primark

Im off to high wycombe :D have a nice day everyone!

Friday, 1 April 2011

April Fool's

Look what i found!  pictures from our little trip to the sea side last year in november. It would be such a fun day if it wasnt raining, but still had fun .

Im really tired now, i will write more tomorrow.
And its april fools today, well nearly end of it but i have to say the day itself was fucking with me,  first ugly ass weather so cold in the morning, than bus was so late because believe or not a cow was on the road and didnt wanted to move, hell knows how she got on the road but anyways, than came into the class and apparently teacher went home 15 minuites before i came in and only6 thing we know she was sick so we watched Spirited Away again and than my dad told me that my face is whole dirty from pastels and i freaked out than he told me it was a prank, than at home he hidden all of my diet food and put sweets, and of the junk food in the fridge ...which was also prank. So to get back at him when he was preparing his bath i went to the bathroom and turned off hot water, so he had nice surprise few minutes later hahaha " WHAT THE HELL?"  so i assume he liked my prank as well hahaha .!
Any of you got pranked today? or suprised someone?