Friday, 1 April 2011

April Fool's

Look what i found!  pictures from our little trip to the sea side last year in november. It would be such a fun day if it wasnt raining, but still had fun .

Im really tired now, i will write more tomorrow.
And its april fools today, well nearly end of it but i have to say the day itself was fucking with me,  first ugly ass weather so cold in the morning, than bus was so late because believe or not a cow was on the road and didnt wanted to move, hell knows how she got on the road but anyways, than came into the class and apparently teacher went home 15 minuites before i came in and only6 thing we know she was sick so we watched Spirited Away again and than my dad told me that my face is whole dirty from pastels and i freaked out than he told me it was a prank, than at home he hidden all of my diet food and put sweets, and of the junk food in the fridge ...which was also prank. So to get back at him when he was preparing his bath i went to the bathroom and turned off hot water, so he had nice surprise few minutes later hahaha " WHAT THE HELL?"  so i assume he liked my prank as well hahaha .!
Any of you got pranked today? or suprised someone?

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