Monday, 18 April 2011

Off to motherland.

Alright i have jst few things to pack and im ready to go to Poland. Im so happy to go there, i missed my country so so so so much, and you can actually say bunch of bad things about my country but i love it, i love my country so so much, well probably you guys which are in Poland all the time dont know how it is, Im here in UK for almost whole year and its such a joy to get out of here to somewhere where you can hear people speaking your language all the time, where all your friends you know since you were little are where your brothers and sisters are where everything you had is, where people know you as you are, So this one week there is making me so happy you cant imagine and i will enjoy it so much because after this week there i will be back in my everyday-life which is boring as fuckm where every street look the same and so on and so on. haha lol yes i think im very patriotic when it comes to where im from and where i grew up. Poland is a country like no other thats it! hahaha
Im also happy to see my family from Germany as we will stop in Kassel & Paderborn for few hours, ohhh i cant wait to drink some of my favourite juice they sell in germany ! haha  
ohhh alright enough of this i went to the shops 5 times today and i swear im not going to anyshop anymore, im tired of it haha ! , i bought more gifts for my little sunshine and i cant wait to see her being happy because she loves hello kitty and i've got so much stuff with hello kitty for her.  And this cute shoes i've got for her.
I also bought some makeup i wanted to try out like "eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner" by maybelline, brown nailpolish, new mascara and creme puff powder
i also bought crocs hahahah ! with hello kitty hahaha i know i know ! haha , but they are so so so confortable, i feel like im in heaven when walking in them!

So thats my last post before i leave to my beloved country, i dont think i will have time to write anything  there, and its even gonna be nice to have a break from internet and blogging

Anyways i would like to wish you all happy happy happy easter i hope bunny will bring you some nice presents! Have fun and enjoy your time with your families as i will do so . 
See you in couple of days ! 


  1. Wesołych Świąt Wielkanocnych, spędzonych w rodzinnej atmosferze w naszej pięknej Polsce. ;D
    I również bogatego zajączka, oraz mokrego Dyngusa.
    PS: Twoje zdjęcie - super. ;]

  2. Jak będziesz miała chwilę napisz coś o tym tuszu i eyelinerze które kupiłaś :)
    Tego eyelinera szukałam, ale jakoś nigdzie w warszawie nie mogłam znaleźć :P

    Pozdrawiam ;D

  3. anonim: dzisiaj wieczorem dodam posta z tym eyelinerem & tuszem
    moze jeszcze niedoszed , tutaj tez dopiero wyszedl xD