Friday, 8 April 2011


hello there its Friday which means no more college till tuesday and next week is a last week and than half term omg im so happy about that yopu cant imagine! Anyways few days ago i ordered few books and i recived one today and also an email saying that 2 books i wanted and need badly are being reprinted and hell knows when they gonna come here so anyways here is a book its called  "Fashion Designers Sketchbooks" and its basically pictures of how famous fashion designers create their work wrom scratch how they illustrate their work and how their sketchbook is organized which is really usefull thing to have when you have no idea how to organize your sketchbook and sometimes im stuck and dont know how to put my ideas together. also there are little interviews with the designers which i havent checked out yet but i will do soon .
Anyways im really ill i chatched a virus somewhwere and im dying. my nose is a nightmare so runny and annoying and i have temperature all the time, and i had to drag myself to college throught all the week with this cold but i made it and im actually proud as i never did it before, I was always like ahh i dont feel good im gonna stay home which was different now i just put myself together and went there did my work and im happy . It feels like summer in London, seriously its hot not warm but hot and im melting outside on thursday when we were going back to college from our lunch 2 billboards with temperature showed 32*C and 33*C so thats like summer, and i saw people sunbathing in the park today which is pathetic a bit its too early for that isnt it?
 I need some lighter and summer clothes so i will go for small shopping tomorrow,  And now i need to sort out the situation with my nose because its a dickhead .

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  1. wow ! i wanna this book :D amazing.
    I alerady inlove in your blog ;) & following right now :) lets follow if you will like to