Thursday, 14 April 2011

Paris 14.04.2010

ah beautiful memories, Paris last year was such a spontanious trip I didnt wanted to miss last concert from this beautiful tour. I like Paris but after that trip it made me change my mind about this city in negative way., when i was in Paris before i never visited outer parts of it and never got in contact with such a rude french people as last year.  Seriously i dont know if it was bad luck or whatever but people were so racist and simply not nice, i dont speak french so i spoke english to get sme help and instead of that i got " you're in france- speak french" from almost everyone, only woman in the shop where we wanted to buy tickets was nice haha. but whatever.
I met with my friends from Holand which saved my ass for few hours than I met my best friend under eiffel tower right in the middle it was kinda magical to meet person you love as your sibling right there, i will probably never forget that moment, never in my life, later we went to the hotel washed and went to bed, woke up in the morning got our things and went to the hotel to see our 4 bastards, which was fun really fun haha ! i think we had the best place ever and thank you to some NICE GUYS ahaa to being sooo kind and nice to us :DD
and well the situation at the hotel omg when i think about it it makes everything warm inside of me. but still than we had a problem with the tickets but at the end we bought them at the venue and inside the venue we sneaked out of our places and got way better ones . The concert was amazing, so emotional and it went so fast really fast but well all good things come to the end really quickly.
Than our nice night at the bus station where i had to wait for my bus back to london.
But yeah once again i wanna thank to all the people which were there with me because when i look back at it i just want to remember all the good things, and of course there were more good than bad things .
and of course next time they gonna be there im gonna go
Oh god how much i miss it i wanna go backkk *-*!!!!

 around midnight with my best ever ♥

 waitingwating + i was painting my nails hahaha ! 

 %^^$%#^^$^$%%$%$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and georg once again im SORRY hahahahaha !
 around 5 am in the morning at Eiffel Tower
hahahah omg.

hahaha keep looking honey!!!! hahaha

Now im being lazy as yesturday, and i finished watching all the episodes of my polish series. i wanna know whats gonna happen!! omg whyyy this bastard said hes not her brother now the ONE cant tell her to marry  her omg omg omg they better fix it!!! hahaha yes im getting emotional when it comes to the series haha !


  1. great !


  2. hahahha no co ty malowałaś paznokcie pod hotelem ? nie pamiętam;D aa i moja facjata na krawężniku razem z wami <3

  3. pati: no kurwa hahahaha malowalam na pomaranczowo hahaha dredi mi pomagala przeciesz hahaha