Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Hi guys, I've got such a lazy day today, i didnt went toi college as i think it was pointless for me to spend more time in the tube than at the college itself. Today i would just give in my project and sit fr 15 minutes listening to my teacher talking about new one, which i bet he will do after easter break as well so lets say 30 minutes in college compared to hour and a half of traveling was not worth even getting up ! So i stayed at home, and im being such a lazy cow right now.
And you know how do i do it i cleaned my room on monday and its wednesday and my room look like tsunami payed us a visitm which is ridicilous as i dont even know where is this mess comming from i wasnt at home for whole day on tuesday ...anyways i need to clean again and i hate cleaning so its a nightmareeee !
What else i cat stop watching this one polish series with my favourite actor jesus why he has to be so omg *-* ?
whyyyy anyways the series is so nice reminds me bit of polish ugly betty because few people from it also play in the series i watch .

yeah looks interesting huh?
(Bobeeeeeeeeeeeeeczeeeeeeeekkk japierdolejejejejejejejejee) sorry i had to hahaha !

and to my polish readers : 
Ktoś z ogląda? Jeżeli tak to, też wam ten serial strasznie przypomina Brzydule?  Bo mi na maksa, i omg jak mnie Socha wkurwia w tym serialu, mam ochotę jej coś zrobić przez monitor hahaa !

anyways i have 2 pics of my outfits from yesturday well the one i had in college and after college when i came back home and went to the town. so


Throusers: Primark
Jacket: River Island
Shirt (from 1st pic): H&M
Tank Top: cant remember.

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