Thursday, 28 April 2011


Hello everyone, I came back from poland yesturday evening so i didnt had time to write something here as i was just dreaming about my bed.
Its gonna be sort of quick post, I just wanted to tell you guys that I came back and i will be able to post again.
I can only tell you guys that this few days in my homeland were amazing, and really more things happened in 7 days than in a months time when im in the UK.
 Now I just wanna teleportate back to my city in Poland and carry on enjoying my time with the closest people. but i obviously cant i have so much work to do , and im going away to Germany next weekend, and I hope to get such a wonderful weather as i got in poland because it was just stunning!

oh and i almost forgot i got my first tattoo !! I really love it but i will talk about it in comming up posts.

So England welcomed me back with such a warm sunny weather, now im gonna go and call my friend and than do the laundry as i will need to pack my bags again very soon.

Enjoy the sun!  as i cant really do that because of my tattoo :D

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