Monday, 18 April 2011


hello , im packing up my bags, i know its so late but i need to do it because i wont have much time later on .
i need to get some long long sleep before leavoing as its gonna be long trip.
And omg i feel so sick after yesturdays party, i swear i will never drink so fast again NEVER!
i had 4 hour nap after i came back home but it never helped. I hope im gonna be back to normal later because i dont want to travel like this. And i dont want to hear a word vodka for couple of weeks pleasee!
well i bet i will drink some in poland and it makes me sick already haha !
Im trying to update my iphone to iOS 4.2 but of course i cant do it because there are some errors. i dont know if i sad it here but I HATE IPHONES worse phone ever!!!!!
and as my update failed, i culdnt put new music up so i bought spotify premium and now im syncing all my playlists to my phone so i can listen to it on the go.
anyways im gonna put everything in my bags, i have to take my fashion project with me as i dont have much time left to finish it and i guess i will have some time in Poland to do it there. just few designs and descriptions
anywayyys... goodnight! i will write something before leaving xD

haha look how essex-y i looked last night hahaha !


  1. you can't spell essexy without sexy.

  2. Have fun and a safe travel :)

    And your pic is amazing,you look great on it *-*


  3. przepięknie wyglądałaś. *_* jak ktoś znany, jakaś piosenkarka czy coś, no świetnie. :DD

  4. wez dodawaj wiecej fooot!!! ;p lubie patrzec na twoje zdjecia ;DDD