Sunday, 10 April 2011


Here we go another sundaym this month is going so fast, i dont know how about you guys but its going too fast i dont know why i swear it was just tuesday yesturday, but anyways im happy its going fast. Today im gonna do my laundry and pack my bags because i will not have time for that next weekend and on sunday im gonna drive to my homeland finally, i cant wait. I feel so excited to see everyone, my family my friends my city everything!.
And they opened first shopping mall in my city so def. im gonna check it out.
Yesturday I was up pretty early as i was shopping in the morning with my dad than i had opticians appointment i need new glasses and contact lenses yes i do wear glasses my eyes are pretty bad. Than i went to my friend we bought some beers and went to the park, which was like up the hlll and climbing it was hell but we made it and sat in the sun had nice talks and laughs i like this days when you just grab a beer and sit in the park with your friends and just have nice chill out. And i burned my back from the sun! yes i did !!! seriously  my friend was like "look at your back so burned!" and i was just like oh shit. its so red damn! and later i had a fever because of that but sttill after we had beers we went for little shopping nothing much i was looking for a summer dress obviously never found one, but i bought nice throusers for myself i love them i tried them on once but wasnt sure but now im sure they are great haha . I also bought some jeans and tshirt for my little sunshine , my brothers daughter which is beautiful 4 years old girl i cant wait to see her.
Than we met another friend bought some drinks and again went to the park in the evening which was ass-cold so we went to my friends house and watched some polish series i cant remember the name but it was pretty good!
My dad picked me up in the evening and we drove home  listening to AC/DC on full volume, gotta love my dad for that hahaha !

i know its a bit too warm to buy scarf but h&m had sale and i saw this one its so nice warm cosy and soft and couldnt help it.
 here are some things i bought for my little girl, look at the hello kitty PJ's hahaha (she loves hello kitty btw)

alright so im gonna go clean up my room do the laundry and pack my bags as next weekend gonna be too busy . maybe i will get the pics from my friend later and pst it because we both forgot the cameras so she was doing some pics with her phone lol
Have nice sunday everyone!  Enjoy the sun if you got one.

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  1. Hope you have a great time... and I loooove those pj's! So cute! xx