Saturday, 16 April 2011

Party time.

hello everyone im in a rush i just came back from shopping and now im eating my pizza and getting ready to go out to Kaskas and than we gonna go to our frind bday party which have a theme! haha i need to run to superdrug when im gonna be on harrow and buy wash off tan because im gonna dress up like Jwwow from Jersey shore haha , seems like fun doesnt it? haha well im really lazy today and getting me to decide to go there was a challenge but i decided to go in the end. now need to pray that my trains are working properly so i can get to kaskas on time and do the tan my camera is dead but i will try to charge it so maybe there will be some pics as well xD
anyways i found old old top today and i decided to wear it because it matches my throusers!

so here is how i look now

well i love the outfit and i thing sometimes diging in your closet is good because you will always find old stuff that you will wear again!
so now im off and have nice weekend everyone!

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