Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Dr. Georg you are sexy 23!

everyone big awrrrrrrrrrrr look at you Georg!
how you grew up! hahahah
so Mr. Dr. Hagen have his 23rd BDay today!
its your day today !
well what we can wish him is al the best nothing else .
yep yep
happy birthday mr. Georg Listing!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Book Time.

Yesturday i was reading a book that i bought for tour but i never touched it there hhahahaha
i have to say its great book
its about a girl which is 23 years old having her own company
and she went to the funeral of her great-aunt where she meets her ghost and her adventures with this ghost are hilarious
well i would never listen to a ghost like she did.
i mean come on going to some random office and asking American man for a date on his conference is crazy hahah
+ going for this date in some 1920 clothes isnt something right hahaha
spying her ex with 10 years old boy spy kit was also hilarious hahahahahaha
im on page 280 now xD i thing i will read it all today or till tomorrow xD
really good book.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Look what i found!

well Nathalie found it hahaha but well haha i needed a tittle haha .
the video is from rotterdam xD
its beautiful fanaction made by Nathalie and her friends + our flaaaaags in first row by tom haha
german + polish + czech hahaha looks weird in it? hahaha

i lovee it hahaha !

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Tonight movie is?...

... "When in Rome"

i saw trailerd few months ago
but i never get a chance to actually sit down and watch it
so tonight is a night for this movie haha
i hope it will be that good as trailer shows xD



this week i feel like having movie week haha
i havent watched movies for so long i missed it i have to say xD
ok so 2 days ago and yesturday i watched
"Valentine's Day" and "The Spy Next Door".

2 great movies . i enjoyed watching them .
today i will watch another one but i have to think which one should i watch hahaha

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


hellooooooo haha
i have quite good mood today!
well after total disappointment yesturday night,
words i never expected from one of my best friends
after disaster mood that my other best friend made it really good and made me forget for a minute which i'm really thankfull to and i know shes the one which will be there no matter what i say no mather what i do , like a sister. i have to say i have good mood just because of her.
so Dredi you are my hero.
our late night talks. like till 3 am at night. hahaha
i woke up at 13 today . i get ready and went to the town to do some stuff.
i went to Sainsburys and i bought some nice food.
since some days i have weird tasty feeling to eat something good haha
today i made myself delicious hot dogs haha

yeah i had to take a pic hahaha it look so yummy and it was so yummy *-*
i think i iwll do another one tomorrow haha
i know i know i behave like pregnant old lady but well hahaha
as me and dredi said i got pregnant in humanoid city haha
i will have small android with hoover on the back which first word will be ZELMER haha
hahahaa i still cante get over it hahaha. we laughed about it for so long hahah
and dredi's kefir didnt wanted to be eaten, he also wanted to have some relax on her nice couch hahaha but well it landed on the ground hahaha
i also bought new sketch book as i wanted to do it yesturday but i was too lazy .
so now i will go and my photography project in it.
i found nice nice song.
so this is my song of a day!

have nice day.

oh weather is beautiful today *-*
so so warm like in summer *-*

ciao bambino .

Monday, 22 March 2010

Boredom outfits

well im bored. i went to sleep straight after i came back from college and ate haha
and i woke up at 22 so well im bored now
so i decited to go to polyvore and make 3 random outfits haha
Nirvana - Stripe Top- Forever Unique, 80 GBP
Leather biker jacket, $2,295
Matic 8B3 Denim Jeans, 195 GBP
Zipped leather ankle boots, $825
Warehouse Leather Studded Duffle Bag, $77

Singlet Fade Away White Vest, 45 GBP
Habitual Ava Skinny - White out, $200
Rick Owens Leather High Top Trainers, 695 GBP
La Mer Collections Peace with Multi Finishes Watch in Washed Black @..., $98

Freelook Crystal Oversized Watch, $300
CHANEL 4160Q color 38187 Sunglasses $390
jacket adidas originals firebird women
pants adidas originals firebird women
reebok high strap shoes

i like the first one the most.
but also the third one its so like tour outfit nice and cosy xD hahaha !
now i will go back to bed i think .

college time.

im finally going back to college.
man its long i havent been there. im too lazy to go there but i have to go if i dont want to be kicked out haha
ok so i just did this pic's so it means how i look today xD
im scared iwill get too much work to do -_-' i have 2 free days after today and i dont want it to be so packed with college work -_-'
anyways this is my song of a day .
oh and weather is so nice and warm here i can just wear leather jacket oO.

have nice day!

Salad a'la Letarg

yep yep Salad A'la Letarg ladies and gentelmen!
haha i have to say best salad i have ever made haha thats why it have special name
and recipie will stay between me and me hahaha
as im in letarg now i called it like this and letarg means so much to me hahaha
i think it will become our main-tour dish from now on hahah
ok now i will finish eating it and than i iwll smoke
and prepare for college
and bed time!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Oberhausen 26.02.2010

Ok so here you go Oberhausen pic's
i left the best ones for myself as i wanna keep some memories for myself.
this was awesome cocnert full of his attention. and thank you for this mr T ;]
oh and do not remove my tag ladies and gentelmen ;]
click for bigger!

oh god so many pic's haha i hope you guys like it because i like them haha xD
and sorry for taking so long with posting them but well im lazyass xD