Thursday, 4 March 2010

Back from Humanoid City part 2.

so i promissed to write something about rest of my concerts. so we left Rotterdam straight after the concert. We took Krissi with us and of course i wanted to stay awake whole journey but it didnt worked because i was toooooo damn tired after this 6 days and concert. so in the middle of the journey me and krissi switched seats hahaha
when we arrived in obi i just saw so many people around us to say "hi" hhahaha it was pretty shocking that from one camp im on the other one. than we get our numbers and so on and went to hildesheim to change broken car window which some stupid bastard broke in RTD -_-'
than we went to sleep for 7 hours it was heaven i have to say hahaha .
Isa said i was snoring but thats not truth i never snore! hahahahahahah

than we woke up so tired stil and packed our things again and we had more sppace in the car after it hahaha
than we had shower and so on and drived to oberhausen again visiting Mcdonalds on our way hahaha .
and also we had race on the motorway with some old guy hahahaha .
we tried to drive so fast and he wanted to be before us all the time so we speeded up so much and lost him somewhere but it was fun hahaha

next we arrived in obi on the camp get another branclet , went to look around the venue and than went to sleep .
isa the night in obi was most luxurious in your car have to say hahahaha

in the morning tv came and we hided so much as we had enough already haha
than my girls finaly came and i couldnt speak polish properly after this mix of languages hahaha. we drank a bit of vodka hahahaha
than we put people in the line and took them to the barriers and it was raining again -_-' but me and isa had nice idea of building our own tent from termal foils hahaha. everyone was like woooooooow and started to copy us hahaha.
than rest of my polish girls came and eli hahahaha she was shouting at me so much haha and dragged me out of barriers hahaa.
than we get nice news and i was umping around hahaha than we drove top the hotel to have shower and i had fight with ankka haha ines thank you you stood between me and her because it would not end so well haha.
than we went back to the venue and i went to petrol station with Marta and Sarni to buy desperados nhahaha we drinked it and than i bringed some vodka and......marta got drunk as hell hahahahahha

i also was a bit drunk when i came back to the barriers hahaa
than we walked around the venue to make marta better a bit and she started to be so loud hahaha she sisnt cared that guys are sleeping in tourbuses that we stood near hahaha.

than isa came and we went to the car to prepare ourselves a bit and i went to sleep in the barriers hahaha.

also nice thing was waking Tom up and telling him to go out with his dog if he dont want him to shit on his bed hahaha. or asking him for a umbrella hahahaha

well next we went to eat nice pizza after which out tummies hurted so much ahha and going to toilets every 5 minutes to do makeup and so on hahaha



and than there was end of waiting they let us in the venue so early i was so happy because when i runned in i had my place waiting for me straight on toms micro huhu !
but! we waited in the venue for 3 hours! 3 DAMN HOURS my ribs and my legs and my body didnt wanted to listen to me anymore. i was in pain because people were pushing so much
but in the end concert again was loooooooove.
Tom smiled when he saw us again and again did same thing like in rotterdam but even more and more offten which im so happy about haha and the best was girls who thought its at them hahahah and we laughed and did stupid faces at them and tom also laughed hahaha
also got nice shower from all of them and after the concert we runned to the car said bye to madelon maloez sabine and maaike and waited for them to drive off haha and again i falled asleep hahaha.
but when they were driving off i woke up and oh god i dont want to know what they thought seeing our car again ghahahaha

than watching HUGE plasma TV in this NICE SILVER TANK with action movie in it hahahahahah in it isa? hahahahahahahhahaa

and this fan-car train behind the buses.

thats it for Obi.

I'm gonna go to Dentist now.
take care and have nice day! .



  1. aaaaa za dużo tej notki i nie mam siły czytać, ale zapewne było za je bi scie haha :D:D przed nami łódź yeah :D buziak:*

  2. Hahahaha jaa you and your sleep maaaaaan xDD
    But it was amazing :D
    Except the pushing mess and the weather ...
    And our nice blue bruises (Y)
    Best souvenirs haha xDD