Sunday, 31 January 2010

Dr. House.

yes yes i have new obsession haha
i watched one episode of dr, house and i fell inlove with it haha
so i started to watch first season and its great haha now i cant resist one day without watching it hahaa
and yeah first post from one week "bad bad nati" hahahaa
but i was busy and my PC was broken (it still is) but well i thought i fixed it but no it keeps stucking all over again every 5 minutes, its annoying me so much -_-'
but i guess i will have to get used to it.
ok i will post something new later xD or tomorrow xD
im going to dentist tomorrow as well, im scared as fuck as always but well haha .
cross your fingers for me haha i dont want to die haha i have tour to go on haha.
oh and tour... its so soon oO 2 more weeks im so scared , stressed and so on about it.

take care.


Saturday, 23 January 2010

Little Shopping

i went out today for shopping, i was looking for some clothes for tour
and well my first concert from this tour will be in exactly one month time. so im preparing now hahaha
ok so i went shopping and i havent seen anything yet, i will go next week to look for something good.
well i found nice leggings but actually i took wrong ones so i have to go to river island tomorrow and take good ones hahaa
i bought l'oreal foundations

new hairbrush
and johnson's baby wipes xD ( love them haha)
oh and i have one more flight to buy and im done xD

so now im going to sleep, yeah i changed times of my sleep so i can sleep more well now and actually use daytime hahahah
im happy about it,
tomorrow i will do some college stuff and clean up my mess haha
yesss my room is such a mess haha but well xD
oh and this NRJ awards hahaha it was one big joke in it?
oh tomorrow i will post photoshoot pics xD


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Up in the Air

well i think its really good movie from the trailer, lets check it out.
so movie night tonight xD
im gonna make some popcorn now and i will watch it! so i will edid this post and write about it later xD


so i finished watching it. i have to say just 3 words.
seriously really like live based i mean i know who is in situation simillar to this one as this guy
it made me think about one person like this and i feel so bad now actually, how lnely this person is, i knew this person was lonely but not i know it even more
worth watching seriously. !


Sunday, 17 January 2010


I have photoshoot today :D
so now im gonna take bath and go to get proper sleep , because i have to get up really really early, and i have to go out to Croydon which is like at the end of other side of london, so long jurney before me, photoshoot and long journey back home again.
and wel i started my cabbage diet today, i have to say cabbage soup is not so bad haha. and its really good to loose some weight but its not for fat fat people just if you want to loose some kg's.
also i had really tought day today., and thank you holy even what happend than you for making my mood better on msn haha.
i will upload our webcam videos hahaha it was funny xD
so now im going to sleep cross your fingers for me !!!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

hopeless hopes.

and today again i see that history likes to repeat itself.
and this is the day when i need to make changes, and this is how people always treated me.
"there is no real love in you" hmm thats so true..
telling me we are like sisters best friends but the words were so empty, not worth of saying, and i believed.
i never wanted bad, i always was there , i always fixed everything. but its time for huge changes for myself. because i cant take it anymore.
now i can finally leave with no fear that someone will make fool from me.
no i just have to recover and have it in my ass as this had me in its ass as well .
i have to say TH world is really a life-school. s e r i o u s l y !

on Sunday i have photoshoot. im so stressed about it but im happy for it.

well Nati its time to get your life sorted out thats it.

have goodnight, i wont sleep tonight i bet but well.
thank you isa than you eli than you holi <3 i love you all so much.


Friday, 15 January 2010


see that? can you see that? mineeeee its mineeee *-*
thank you to Isa. for buying me one. i cant wait have it in my hands ahahhaa. well 30 something days more o.O
oh no i cant even think of it haha im so already stressed out.
well and dont look at this hand on his thing yeah shes dirty dirty in it? hahahahaa
" you are dirty even when you dont think about being one" hahahaa .
and this this good kind dirty Isa have b-day everyone say happy bday isaaaaa. hahaha well we will celebrate it good on tour....oh we will hahaha i dont want to think about it haha i just see us drunk and happy somewhere in europe haha.
ok well lets come back to GQ. i have to say, im soooooo inlove with this shoot but ...yeah there is a but (always haha) Tom hes so boring, i cant stand how boring he is haha but well he said before haha hes poor grandma banana in style hahaa. .
I mean come on he should take of the jacket *-*
i wanna see him in suit hahaa.

and today i went to college but....we had no lessons haha so we drinked beer near our college hahaha. im so pissed of because i wanted to give back my project and get back my older projects.
im so curious what i got from them. well maybe i will see today.
well i hope Danya wont be in hhahah i already wanna go home even im not even in college.

oh and today i made my first chinese noodles. it was so goooooood. but than i wasnt well because i ate too much of it haha. but even my dad said it was really really good so xD .
i still have some noodles left so maybe i will eat it or maybe not haha.
and i went to sleep at 16 and woke up at 22 hahaha. but it supposed to be just one hour haha.
now i cant sleep shame on me haha.

ok now i wil ldo some graphics and i wil lgo to sleep soon xD .

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tatiana Thumbtzen Curls ;]

Well i already said i love her hairstyle.
well i want it so i will have it hahaha
i was doing my hair for 2 hours just finished it and i look like this!

like it? well i love it haha i will curl my hair every 2 days till i get the properones in hairdresser hahaa.
ok now im gonna smoke and brush my teeth and than bed because college in few hours.
night night :*


Monday, 11 January 2010


my 2008 + 2009 xD
haha tom "posted" it on his blog haha
so i used the idea xD
oh and today im in mood to listen old old old polish hip hop i used to listen hahaha
well it remind me of my life back in the days hahaha. it was so fun.
oh and today hah. i woke up at 8 and got ready to college, and when i was already dressed up and with make-up on i had few minutes left so i just layed on my bed ...and i falled asleep hahaa.
oO i woke up at 14. even i had really good sleep last night and i wasnt tired i dont know how does that happen haha. maybe because i love my bed hahaa.

haha yeah laugh i loved it but well i can listen to it still and i love my 3W
well one city and so onnnn. they are so cool in person Szad <3 ok i dont have to say more hahahaa
well im gonna eat something now. xD


Weekend-out in London Town.

So this weekend was pretty crazy i have to say hhaa.
on saturday morning i went to Eliza's house and we had couple of drinks hahaha and well haha we had one funny problem we laughed about all the time and we also had a lot to say about it hahaa but well...alcohol is making people bad !
than we ate something and went out to meet with Pati.
we drinked 4 beers on the way to wood green hahaa. we run over to the bus stop because bus was there already it was fun as well with our nice shock-talk hahaa
and than we bought 9 more beers and we went to Pati's house. haha I ate tuna & mayo sandwich there haha she had her fridge full of sandwiches haha
than we got angry at Denis buahahahaa i bet you dont wanna hear us there on the bus sop when he said hes going home and what a nice conversations via phone we had hahaa.
than we went to the central london we had fun on the bus stop eating sausages ahahahah but they were good i have to say haha
than in the bus haha i got this haha NICE message that knocked me out of my feet hahahaha
i mean hahaa my dear friend got so drunk hahaha. and well hahahahaha she couldnt write properly but well we understood it haha,. we were laughing our asses off and whole bus could hear us haha.

well hahaah shes the best i love you too Xxxx < 3 hahaa

than we went a bit on Trafalgar square and went to our nice place where strange things are going on hahaa.
and thank you to this nice security man there which let us go into CLOSED shopping center to use the toilet hahaha. well hahaa. itwas nice and warm there.
we left our place around 6-7 and looking for right bus in london iis disaster hahaa but finally we found it on Piccadilly Circus haha than we made fun in the bus as well
oh i forgot about this guy in the bust i spoke with in GERMAN hahaa. well i have to say i didnt knew i can speak that much german but well ood for me hahahaa.
than we went back home and again haha we drinked some beers.
and went to sleep after again out PROBLEM haha made us gone mad a lot. and we laughed at it as well and now im tired as hell so im going to bed because i have college today and i MUST attend it today haha.

1st pic Nati,Pati,Eli .
2nd pic Nati + Eli on piccadilly dilly doooooong!.


Saturday, 9 January 2010

Peace, Michael &.....

so im sitting so stressed here about today. i cant sleep.
but i shouuuuuuld to look like human for today haha.
but well hahaa. me and Martitta have better things to do now ahhaa
we are watching Michael <3333333333
all his situations and well we have one thing we can both say about him
he was the best sexiest, best smile, most cute, shy, lovely adorable man alive we have seen in our life's. well thats true hahaa.
he was no one can BEAT IT!
well dream man *-*
he was also so clever oh god.
Man in the Mirror where are you?

Peace, Michael & Popielniczka!


Thursday, 7 January 2010

One Night in Berlin.- video.

haha ok so My throat was dead after this week in Germany. too much vodka hahaha
we made video of holi killing ladybird. haha well i was scared as hell because of it ahhaa.
it was in out hotel haha. look at Holi's bed how messy hahahaha!!!!!


new hair style.

well i need changes so i decided to go to the hairdressed to make.....CURLS *-*
well i have long hair so curls are ok for me xD
and well i love curls. i want those curls like she have on this pic *-*
i will visit Toni&Guy and ask if they can do this to my hair and if it suits me and my hair xD
it will cost around 50 pounds but well xD
i want them so bad ha2
im tired of using hair curlier .
so tomorrow after college i will go there with my dad xD
ah *-*
oh i also want to back to black xD
so first curls than black on it xD
if it wont suits m i will straight them back to normal xD

i finished my essay project and also on friday my last tour ticket will arrive to me.
hopefully saturday out to central london with my friend to check on somethingggggggggg.... hhahahaa
ok now im gonna go to my cosy bed
have good night and so on.


Wednesday, 6 January 2010


well what can i say. i was watching old videos on Michael today. and what i saw just shocked me a loooooooot. so i decided to search for more.
well i hate how bill copied him oO and how hes doing it still.
the first pic, exactly the same outfit.
i mean come on bill oO
next jacket + shoes + this pants. one word the same!
crotch grab. .... well everyone knows Michael was first with it there is no doubt to this. and again in 2008/2009 bill overused it xD

well again i haaaaaaaaate it. and no one will tell me bill is so original.
well that proof MJ was icon even for bill
but shame on him he just didn't say anything about that

oh dear bill shame on youuuuu.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Kaulitz-Sutra oO

One god - one bible.
One church- 4 people
One nun- One priest
One angel-One devil
One Jesus- One mary
One world- One Love
same thing.
dont be good with the bible! hahahaha
Kaulitz-Sutra. Book of your life

while reading you can watch and listen to this.
it will introduce you to the things in the bible haha

so lets show you a little of first chapter:

hahahahahahahhaa O M G hahaa well im laughing to death.
love you isa. hahahahaa


Monday, 4 January 2010

Komornik/ The Collector

i just watched it.
they made it in my city in Poland.
good movie i have to say hahaa.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Year Eve

hahahaha yeah dont even look at my face on this pics hahaha. i was drunk all the time for 3 days hahaha
yeah thats how was my new years eve. we made party for 3 days long haha drinking and making stupid things all the time hahaa. talking about ninja turtles hahaha
well im not saying anything hahaa it was great great great + taking shover at 7 in the morning in my clothes was crazy hahaha the cold cold cold shower hahahahaa
well tomorrow i have college i still dont feel my throat its in hell pain and i have essay to finish -_-'.