Monday, 11 January 2010


my 2008 + 2009 xD
haha tom "posted" it on his blog haha
so i used the idea xD
oh and today im in mood to listen old old old polish hip hop i used to listen hahaha
well it remind me of my life back in the days hahaha. it was so fun.
oh and today hah. i woke up at 8 and got ready to college, and when i was already dressed up and with make-up on i had few minutes left so i just layed on my bed ...and i falled asleep hahaa.
oO i woke up at 14. even i had really good sleep last night and i wasnt tired i dont know how does that happen haha. maybe because i love my bed hahaa.

haha yeah laugh i loved it but well i can listen to it still and i love my 3W
well one city and so onnnn. they are so cool in person Szad <3 ok i dont have to say more hahahaa
well im gonna eat something now. xD



  1. Oh thats so nice :D *__*
    I also wanted to do that after i saw Toms Blog in the evening but i was too lazy xDDDD

    Oh man xDD



  2. ja mam tak czesto hahaha ze ogarniam sie do szkoly siadam na moje lozko pozniej klade sie na sekundke i budze sie za kilka godzin hahaha :D

  3. nie było innego koloru. A są ciekawe.