Thursday, 7 January 2010

new hair style.

well i need changes so i decided to go to the hairdressed to make.....CURLS *-*
well i have long hair so curls are ok for me xD
and well i love curls. i want those curls like she have on this pic *-*
i will visit Toni&Guy and ask if they can do this to my hair and if it suits me and my hair xD
it will cost around 50 pounds but well xD
i want them so bad ha2
im tired of using hair curlier .
so tomorrow after college i will go there with my dad xD
ah *-*
oh i also want to back to black xD
so first curls than black on it xD
if it wont suits m i will straight them back to normal xD

i finished my essay project and also on friday my last tour ticket will arrive to me.
hopefully saturday out to central london with my friend to check on somethingggggggggg.... hhahahaa
ok now im gonna go to my cosy bed
have good night and so on.



  1. Good luck with the plans and i bet you will look good with it ;)

    And now my bed is also calling me xD



  2. aaawww chce Cie zobaczyc z lokami malutka ;*