Saturday, 23 January 2010

Little Shopping

i went out today for shopping, i was looking for some clothes for tour
and well my first concert from this tour will be in exactly one month time. so im preparing now hahaha
ok so i went shopping and i havent seen anything yet, i will go next week to look for something good.
well i found nice leggings but actually i took wrong ones so i have to go to river island tomorrow and take good ones hahaa
i bought l'oreal foundations

new hairbrush
and johnson's baby wipes xD ( love them haha)
oh and i have one more flight to buy and im done xD

so now im going to sleep, yeah i changed times of my sleep so i can sleep more well now and actually use daytime hahahah
im happy about it,
tomorrow i will do some college stuff and clean up my mess haha
yesss my room is such a mess haha but well xD
oh and this NRJ awards hahaha it was one big joke in it?
oh tomorrow i will post photoshoot pics xD


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  1. zajebiste są te chusteczki, bosko pachną ;-D