Wednesday, 6 January 2010


well what can i say. i was watching old videos on Michael today. and what i saw just shocked me a loooooooot. so i decided to search for more.
well i hate how bill copied him oO and how hes doing it still.
the first pic, exactly the same outfit.
i mean come on bill oO
next jacket + shoes + this pants. one word the same!
crotch grab. .... well everyone knows Michael was first with it there is no doubt to this. and again in 2008/2009 bill overused it xD

well again i haaaaaaaaate it. and no one will tell me bill is so original.
well that proof MJ was icon even for bill
but shame on him he just didn't say anything about that

oh dear bill shame on youuuuu.

1 comment:

  1. Oh maaan haha xD
    Bill the old copycat xDD

    Well,maybe he hasnt enough time anymore to find a style for himself xDDDDD