Saturday, 16 January 2010

hopeless hopes.

and today again i see that history likes to repeat itself.
and this is the day when i need to make changes, and this is how people always treated me.
"there is no real love in you" hmm thats so true..
telling me we are like sisters best friends but the words were so empty, not worth of saying, and i believed.
i never wanted bad, i always was there , i always fixed everything. but its time for huge changes for myself. because i cant take it anymore.
now i can finally leave with no fear that someone will make fool from me.
no i just have to recover and have it in my ass as this had me in its ass as well .
i have to say TH world is really a life-school. s e r i o u s l y !

on Sunday i have photoshoot. im so stressed about it but im happy for it.

well Nati its time to get your life sorted out thats it.

have goodnight, i wont sleep tonight i bet but well.
thank you isa than you eli than you holi <3 i love you all so much.


1 comment:

  1. 'Automaticccc ...lalala ' Maaaan ,take this sing away from me xDD (or shall i write it in Bills english haha xD Auddddooomädddiiiiickkk xDDD )

    Well,we love him and his english,right ? :D
    And also Toms with his 584x ehm,ehm..uhm..hmm..ähhh.. xDDDDD

    I know,its not the topic to makes jokes now,but i just try to get you in better mood ;)
    You know im always there for you ;)
    And i BET you already knew i will write that,like we always write things at the same time haha xD

    So,let the people behave like they want some time they will see they were wrong and that they need such a wonderful person like you are.And then they will miss you and then its too late.But thats not your problem then ;)
    I just said that in general,you know ;)
    Welcome to the club ;)

    Oh and im happy and curious for your photoshoot :D I bet you will have so much fun and im jealous :D:D:D haha

    So,its late enough,lets start one of the changes and go to bed earlier xD

    Good night and love you,too <3

    ( ) HAHA ! xD

    ( ) <3