Monday, 11 January 2010

Weekend-out in London Town.

So this weekend was pretty crazy i have to say hhaa.
on saturday morning i went to Eliza's house and we had couple of drinks hahaha and well haha we had one funny problem we laughed about all the time and we also had a lot to say about it hahaa but well...alcohol is making people bad !
than we ate something and went out to meet with Pati.
we drinked 4 beers on the way to wood green hahaa. we run over to the bus stop because bus was there already it was fun as well with our nice shock-talk hahaa
and than we bought 9 more beers and we went to Pati's house. haha I ate tuna & mayo sandwich there haha she had her fridge full of sandwiches haha
than we got angry at Denis buahahahaa i bet you dont wanna hear us there on the bus sop when he said hes going home and what a nice conversations via phone we had hahaa.
than we went to the central london we had fun on the bus stop eating sausages ahahahah but they were good i have to say haha
than in the bus haha i got this haha NICE message that knocked me out of my feet hahahaha
i mean hahaa my dear friend got so drunk hahaha. and well hahahahaha she couldnt write properly but well we understood it haha,. we were laughing our asses off and whole bus could hear us haha.

well hahaah shes the best i love you too Xxxx < 3 hahaa

than we went a bit on Trafalgar square and went to our nice place where strange things are going on hahaa.
and thank you to this nice security man there which let us go into CLOSED shopping center to use the toilet hahaha. well hahaa. itwas nice and warm there.
we left our place around 6-7 and looking for right bus in london iis disaster hahaa but finally we found it on Piccadilly Circus haha than we made fun in the bus as well
oh i forgot about this guy in the bust i spoke with in GERMAN hahaa. well i have to say i didnt knew i can speak that much german but well ood for me hahahaa.
than we went back home and again haha we drinked some beers.
and went to sleep after again out PROBLEM haha made us gone mad a lot. and we laughed at it as well and now im tired as hell so im going to bed because i have college today and i MUST attend it today haha.

1st pic Nati,Pati,Eli .
2nd pic Nati + Eli on piccadilly dilly doooooong!.



  1. Sounds like you had so much fun haha xD

    Maybe a bit too much BEER xDD It feels like i read beer in every 2.sentence haha xDD

    And the pics are nice :D



  2. to miałaś miły weekendzik w centrum hahahaha
    i jej, jak ładnie na zdjęciach wyszłaś i w ogóle xD

    a ten sms :wtf?: hhahahaha
    zabawna masz kolezanke xD

    < 33