Saturday, 9 January 2010

Peace, Michael &.....

so im sitting so stressed here about today. i cant sleep.
but i shouuuuuuld to look like human for today haha.
but well hahaa. me and Martitta have better things to do now ahhaa
we are watching Michael <3333333333
all his situations and well we have one thing we can both say about him
he was the best sexiest, best smile, most cute, shy, lovely adorable man alive we have seen in our life's. well thats true hahaa.
he was no one can BEAT IT!
well dream man *-*
he was also so clever oh god.
Man in the Mirror where are you?

Peace, Michael & Popielniczka!



  1. ja ścinam tylko dopiero na wiosne narazie chce miec jeszcze takie :D w marcu na poczatku zafarbuje na ciemny brąz a później krótkie :D