Sunday, 31 January 2010

Dr. House.

yes yes i have new obsession haha
i watched one episode of dr, house and i fell inlove with it haha
so i started to watch first season and its great haha now i cant resist one day without watching it hahaa
and yeah first post from one week "bad bad nati" hahahaa
but i was busy and my PC was broken (it still is) but well i thought i fixed it but no it keeps stucking all over again every 5 minutes, its annoying me so much -_-'
but i guess i will have to get used to it.
ok i will post something new later xD or tomorrow xD
im going to dentist tomorrow as well, im scared as fuck as always but well haha .
cross your fingers for me haha i dont want to die haha i have tour to go on haha.
oh and tour... its so soon oO 2 more weeks im so scared , stressed and so on about it.

take care.


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