Sunday, 30 August 2009

Bruce & Daniel


I'm inlove with this hahahaa i just found it haha and its so funny.
those 2 guys rocks! seriously hahahahhaaa.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Happy B-day MJ.

So I forgot to add to previous post.

Happy B-Day Michael Jackson.
even you're not with us.
Love you so so so so much. <3

He's simply the best man who have lived on this earth ;]

Jump In Jump Out. <3

I'm in love with this song. Ciara & Missy Elliott are one of my favourites.
The Video is amusing . So this is a song of the day ;].

So Today I don't feel well. I've got a feeling that my tummy gonna explode in a minute.
Also I just called to get more info about my new Dog.
Yessss I'm getting a puppy *-*.
Its Tanned Doberman. I'm so inlove with those dogs.
I had one before but he died [*]
I'm gonna pick him up on 26. September.
So it's almost a month but still. I'm so happy about it.

what's next?
2 days ago I went to college for enrollment. I will have just 3 days a week which is about 14 hours *-* so that's really good for me. I meet my new Tutor. Shes really nice lady.
On thursday we gonna go for a trip to Central London (nice trip btw. hahaha)
But i'm gonna do Art & Design this year so I bet that's gonna be Museum or something like that xD
Oh she also said our class gonna be so smal. So thats kind of good. xD

Oh and thank you for my Dear Friend for letting me hear Tom saying my name. I love you so much for that M.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Hamburg and Berlin OMG!

Ok so today I booked my flight for EMA's . I'm gonna visit hamburg first because i miss people from there and also i miss this city so much .
I'm gonna have my passport ready so there wont be problems as there was with my trip to Koeln as i should go there in 3 days ;(
so we plan to stay 2 days in hh than we gonna go to Berlin by train xD for some days xD
OMGAY i really cant wait to see my friends. I miss them so much.
I haven't seen some of them for year oO
Now I'm so happy that i've got this flight <3
really it makes me wanna smile so much hahahaha
oh and btw. i hate when people say things to me that i never did -_-'.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

I miss....

Hey everyone ;]. I havent posted anything in 7 days . I just was too lazy to do it and also I didnt had so much time ;]
I feel sick today. I think my head gonna explode in a minute -_-'.
I'm co jelous of Carmen. She's gonna see 50 Cent in person today!!.
I wanna go out for some party but simply i dont feel right today -_-' So this weekend I'm gonna spend in my bed watching Scrubs.
I bought 1st season when i'm gonna finish this one i'll buy other ones ;]
bbtw. I love my new Military style Jacket which I have on on the picture up there ;]
Its really nice, and i was looking for something like this for long but finally i've got it and i'm so happy about buying it xD

Now I'm listening to cherry tree radio oO they have some good tunes in there seriously.
Flipsyde - Someday is there now. I love OLD Flipsyde not now -_-' I hope you know the reason HAHAHAHAHA

Oh and once again congratulation to Isa for winning tickets to Kolen. So bad that I cant come ;(
I dont have luck this year seriously \I hope for some luck for this par of the year where everything is starting again. Tour tour tour and tour again!!
I missed it so much. I get used to it and now seating at home doing nothing its weird fo me haha i wanna be on the move again xD
I'm happy that me and my friends are getting closer to each other again <3>
OH btw. Tom was on Cherry Tree radio now hahahahaa. awr I love his English accent *-* so cute
oh btw., i love this pic isnt that cute? *-* awr I miss them guys. I havent seen him from march ;( so long So hope to see them again soon. OMG i like the song thats now on CTR. Cinema Bizarre- Escape to the stars xD Ok i'm going to take shower no and have something to eat .

The song of the day is?

haha dont know why but i like this song xD

Saturday, 15 August 2009

4 years of DDM!!!!! ,Tokio Hotel in London oO, Party today ;]

OMG I was so in shock yesturday when i heard they are in London Heathrow airport.
I didnt know what to do to be serious. Simply juts go there as i was (no make up and in old not nice clothes) or just cry, laugh or go and kill them!.
seriously hahaha. I just grabbed my phone and i called my friend our conversation was like

-OMG no way!
-How ...what? oh no way!
-I know mann
-Yeah no way they cant be there
-yeah just tell me thats a nightmare and make them dissapear !
-You know what?...their flight gonna be in like 5 minutes do you think we gonna get to Heathrow in 5 minutes?
-eeeee.....noooooooo wayyyyyyy !

hahahahahhaa i know i know speachless hahaha.
But i just hope they gonna be back in london after making the video to Automatic xD
I need to see them here.!
*God can they do just one good thing in my life? * hahahahaa

oh ok I'm gonna party tonight xD . so maybe i'm gonna forget about that they were here yesturday.

And now Attenttion please!!
15.08.2005 - DDM
26.08.2005- I've started to be their fan.

one of my very first pic of them

OMG they have change so much , but in my heart they will stay as little Tokio Hotel from Magdeburg
I still cant believe how fast those 4 years passed by oO

we were going together through the biggest monsoons,
I was always by your side
I have been traveling 1000 oceans with you ,
waiting to live every second there in all of the venues,
where all of us were screaming and raising our hands together,
I can go with you to the end of the world,
even if thats gonna be dark side of the sun
take it with us, step into tomorrow
then we gonna stay friends for ever,
Tom you can help me fly,
and one day dark side will shine for us
with your automatic so electric voice.
we gonna wait for the final day together
and I will give you my hand and tell you to don't jump.
Because for me you are SACRED
and we gonna be forever

I Love you guys, for ever and ever. They always gonna have place in my heart. I'll never forget them, because things and moments that we gone through together are so so so so so special and unbelievable. Even people hate us so much for that what we were doing. we were strong together. Thank you so much for every second, every memory, every smile, every look. my lovely friends that i have meet on tour.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Bazaar magazine.

I must say that Bazaar magazine is one of my favourites.
I went to the Central London with my dad. We've been on shopping and we ate sushi <3
I'm so tired now. seriously.
Buty I've one more thing to show hahahahahahahahha!

ok Bill i know you like strange ideas hahaha. but that piercing?!
ok its his body but i just cant not to laugh hahahaha
it look strange on him hahaha
OMG i love the times when they're comming back when we discover new things about them etc.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Shoes. <3

I must say I loveeeeeee shoes <33 Its my addiction to buy one pair or more on every shopping I go xD
hahaha hmm I just bought this ones <3

when i saw them in deichmann i had to buy them *-*
they ares sooooo nice and comfortable

i love the design of this ones that why i bought them xD
one thing i dont like about them is a zipper at the back but still i love them *-*

oh and i need new UGGs because mine isnt nice anymore.
i saw ones in UGG store for 150 pounds but they are awesome so its must for me to buy them xDD

what else I'm so bored today. My dad was to lazy to pick me up to the ice ring so i didnt go for iceskating today -_-'
i hate him for that butt... he's still my dad i understand him that he can be tired as well xD

OMG my brother is comming to london on sunday i cant describe how happy I'm!!!.
and he've got B-day on 20 august. so i have to think about some good gift for him xD

btw. I hate when people are jelous!

the song of a day is....

ahhh i love this song it reminds me of that 3 months when i was in poland when i was partying almost everyday hahahah

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

tiesto's new vid, dogs, shopping & parties.

OMG this video is so nice *-* I really like the animation and this guy how he walks/dance *-*
I bet Tom would love it hahaha.

what can I say? yesturday i got back from my friend house. We had 3-days party hahha
on the first day we were drinking and dancing, on the second one we went for shopping and brought our lovely PJ's haha mine is with cute frogs hahaha i really love it haha!
Eliza've got one with sheeps its pink and also so cute xD so we had PJ's party xD that was also fun haha we were so drunk hahaha
on the third day we went to swimming pool in the morning and than we went to the ice center for ice skating. there was a disco so we had fun as well. I have to say that i really like black boys *-*
Imagine having baby with one like this *-*
it could be so cuteeee *-*
than we came back home and again we get drunk hahaha. we were dancing by the pool in her garden hahaha and singing Michael Jackson songs.
We tried to do moonwalk on the grass but it was too difficuilt. xD
than next day i had huge argument with my dad. but after he took me to westfield.
Which is europe's largest Shopping Mall (i hope xD)Its really modern and huuuuuuuuuge. I spend there almost whole day and i didnt get to see all of the shops oO. I can spend there like whole my life hahahaha. I really feel good when I'm there seriously!. You should visit it!
I'm so addicted to shopping. I just can't stop buying things -_-' sometimes i buy a thing because i like it but then i never use it what a looser me !? oO

Ok today i went to Staples with my dad. I had to buy few things and i went to McD'z as well -_-'
but i have to say that i love mozzarella Dippers *-* than we went for little shopping and i brought mozzarella and i tried to do dippers myself the end it was one big piece of shit so i throw it in the bin hahaha.
Tomorrow I'm going to work with my dad. I have to do few things there so I'm gonna get paid which means I've got more money to buy my dog *-*
But still dont know which one I really want Doberman or Chihuahua I really like both of this.
I had Doberman in the past I'm so inlove with them.

Ok I'm going to sleep now xD
Ciao :*

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Party tonight.

Ok I'm going out for a party today.
I went shopping but i didnt find the things i wanted -_-'
I was also so hungry so i made myself a pizza but.... i was baking it for an hour (hahahahahaa)
I have completely forgotten that it's still in the oven hahhaha!
and thats what i have now :
hahaha i know i know it doesnt even look good hahhaa
I just throw it in the bin. grr I'm so hungry and i dont know what can I eat.
Its nothing for me there.
I think i'm gonna go for some fast food when I'm gonna be on the way to Eliza house --'
oh and I found one Audi that I really really like. My dad want to look at it today xDDD
it have red leather inside and that what was looking for + its cabriolet ^^
btw. the weather is so nice today *-*
I'm gonna take shower now.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Tiesto concert

Ok so yesturday I went to Tiesto concert
Of course i messed up the dates -_-'
I had to go there bymyself because my friend couldnt go.
This was MGAIC. its all i can say. because you have to go and see it.
There is no words to that how fantastic performer he is.
I made my dream come true and I'm soo sooooooooo proud of it.
Sill cant believe it that i made it. seriously.
Than i met my friend and he took me to the ASP which was awesome as well.
I would love to upload some more pictures but my PC just dont wanna let me do it -_-'

If i only get a chance i will upload more xD Because I've got few good ones.

Tomorow I'm gonna buy my new adidas tracksuit and than I'm going to Elizkas house xD