Monday, 30 May 2011

New in the closet.

 Chiffon blouse - primark.

combat skinnies- primark
Pilot sunglasses.- new look

So i finally found a pair of glasses that actually fit my face, there are not many of them, and i was looking for perfect ones for like half of the year i tried so many and none fit but these are perfect! I love them! now i can actually wear sunglasses on my nose not on my head haha ! 
Oh and i love this combat skinny jeans, when i was in new look i tried on the same pair  but without the zips on the legs but they didnt looked good on my ass so i went around other shops looking for something like this and i found perfect ones in PRIMARK., and half of the new look price! ( gosh how much i love primark haha)  some people say primark is shit but i love it i really do, sometimes they have better clothes than river island and i could buy 2 times more in primark than in RI. 

and a chiffon blouse, i absolutely love chiffon such a delicate and soft fabric, it makes you fel so light when you wear it, i worked a lot with chiffon on my last project and thats where i feel inlove with this fabric so chiffon blouse is a must have for me. And i dont know if i already wrote it here but i have 4 meters of this fabric to sew another 2 blouses myself with my own design, i just need to sit down and design and sew it. I will obviously write a post about it when im gonna do it. 

What else  Kasia is coming over today hopefully we will get to go to the pub and drink some and she will see my prince charming tomorrow morning and than she will do me eyelash extentions ! so exciteddddd!!! 
Oh and today is bank holiday but its not making any difference for me as i always have mondays off so -_-' 

oh god. im such a doughnut -_-'

Friday, 27 May 2011


Today is one of these days when I miss my really long hair so badly, They were so long oh god, i spend 2 years growing them to the lenght right behind my belly bottom (after straightening them) I always could do something with them, curl them, straighten them, do a bun do a french plot and so many other things,, my hair is almost half of the lenght shorter than it was before and dont you even ask me why i went to the hairdressers even i promissed to myself 2 years ago that i will never visit it again and i started to cut it myself because they never do what i want  just like now when i told the woman not to cut it from lenght or if she have to  that maximum she could cut was 2 cm, after i stood up i saw this 2 cm....... but oh well, hair aint a hand it will grow back, it will take time and it still hurts so much when i think how beautiful they were but i cant turn back the time.

Oh and i've been thinking about changing my hair colour back to black ( I used to have black hair for 2-3 years back in the days) and i kind of miss it.
Anyways i found nice pics on my PC  from few days before i went to poland for easter.

 after looking at that picture i really want my hair black ( no its not photoshoped it came out like this because of the light)

omg i miss my haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir *cries*


Heloo yesterday we did this photoshoot with Sandi, Kaskas, Edwina and Chris.and I have to say that photos came out amazing! I loved it! can't wait to see the rest of the photos as I just got one yesturday from Sandra.

A little bit about the dress, I skipped the collar as i had difficulties with constructing it, and i dyed all the fabrics myself;
Anyways here you go.

 Photo: Sandra Gorska
Makeup: Kasia Lepla
Model: Edwina Sadowska
Dress: Me.

Monday, 23 May 2011


Hello everyone, its been a while since my last post here I know., its because i dont have time for internet now,.
I've got deadline of my Final Major Project which is really really important, and I'm focusing on my college work right now. Im constructing my dress, I've done upper part of it it came out perfectly, i still need to figure out how to attach the collar to the dress but i will find a way somehow, . I bought 12 meters of chiffon fabric on sunday and im really really happy about it, I found really good place to buy it and i think i will visit it more offten to buy other fabrics, Tomorrow im gonna dye this 12 meters and sew it to my dress and that will be it, than we planned photoshoot with Sandi and Kaskas hopefuly everything will work out how i want it to be and than i need to design exhibition , do some design sheets and so on and its really a lot of work so hope you understand that i dont have time haha .
Oh and i bought 2 meters of black chiffon and 2 meters of white chiffon to make a blouses for myself but i will do it after the deadline and when i will have time to sit down and do it.

I spend my weekend with my friends and it was really fun and today i modeled for Kaskas as she had her airbrush makeup assesment. I loved it!

Ok enough of that in this post I wanted to show you 4 new nailpolishes i bough on saturday which im also inlove with, As we all know pink and orange and all the bright colours are the BOSSES of this summer, I didnt had that shades in my nailpolish collection so i bought som and i also found freally funky black nailpolish which after you put one coat on your nail it will break down and form some kind of cracks, looks really really cool!

Here are some pics.:

and the makeup :

Monday, 16 May 2011


Haven't done outfit post for ages so i thought i wil ldo one today xD I'm wearing really basic one, white jeans with oversized shirt. Nothing special but looks and feels good and confortable. I found this jeans somewhere deep in my closet i cant remember where i got them from because they are like 3 years old but i had them on no more than 5 times as they are white and its easy to get dirt on them. I think everyone should have pair of these esspecially when its warm outside you dont want to burn your ass in dark clothes.  Shirt is from Primark.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


hello you all!
Yesterday i sat till 3 in the morning doing maquette of my final design, im struggling  a bit with the collar because i have no clue out of what can i make it to stand still, i tried plastic, paper, glue, some other plastic solutions and nothing is good enough to hold it. so im gonna have big problem to make bigger piece, so i will ask my tutor Sharon for help as she should know how to make it.
Anyways i used a lot of different materials, which is good because mixing media will give me more marks, also my little manequin is disabled it lost its second leg but i tried to fix it and it sits in place haha .
the colours will be a bit different because i painted the fabric with watter colours as i dont have proper fabric dyes here but we have themn in college which is good xD
and it's not so neat because i was too lazy to sew the top part properly so it loks a bit messy but i just did it to have a clue how to cut my patterns and how to join everything together
anyways here it is i really like it even its not perfect made haha .
oh and i hate chicken wire my fingers are dying because of all the bending and cutting it.

Now im gonna get ready and im off to see my friend., I need to drag her to the park so she can run with me in the evening XD

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Off for a run

 so im off for a run, its such a nice weather and as i said i wanna move more so im gonna run when i have time and walk from the tube station to my house which is far., I've got my iphone with me so i can listen to some music and bottle of vitamin water  (c+zinc) yesss vitamin water is the shit! . i love it!
anyways not gonna waste anymore time siting here so im off for an hour 

Friday, 13 May 2011

Final Design

First thing. sorry i didnt updated my blog yesterday but blogger was unavailable and i see it deleted my last two posts ( lol?) so maybe it will come back maybe not i dont have time to write it again so i can just hope for it to come back, but anyways, in my last post i said i will upload pictures of my final design, i really love it but it will be really hard to make and i have just 2 weeks left, i already started constructing the shape of it  but i need to do maquettes first to see how im gonna draw the patterns and i need to figure out good technique to sew it and make the collar so im not gonna go out tomorrow and i will sit at home focusing on this project as this dress will be exhibited so it needs to be good.
the main inspiration of this dress was the birth of the butterfly, like the stages of its birth.
Lower part is representing cacoon and the collar is how the butterfly is fully developed and how its openoing the cacoon with its wings to see the world i cant explain it more further but yeah basically thats what is behind this dress.

here are 2 poics of the design and i have to say i really like it, i still need to atatch some research to my design sheet and all the little things that goes to it.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Right there.

Have you seen new video of Nicole Scherzinger with 50 Cent?
I just did and im amazed! shes like the most beautiful woman woman in the entire world! .  I find her first outfit wicked .
and looking at her hair  is making me ask myself a question WHY I cut mine. they were longer than the ones she had on the first part of the video . damnnn i miss my hair!
oh and can someone give me her body? by looking at it i actually wanna go and work out more and more haha !

Im gonna post pics of my final design for final major project. im at the stage of making maquettes so im gonna eat, clean my room, do the laundry and maybe if i have enough energy finish off my maquette or dye some fabrics xD

oh and some people should just got to hell.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hamburg day 2.

sorry for not blogging yesturday as i was really tired after college, im still not used to waking up so early, being so long in college and all the traveling , so i was pretty tired yesturday and too lazy to post a thing.
Since Yesturday instead of taking a bus home from the underground station i started to walk and thrust me its long walk haha but i need to start exercise and changing from driving my ass in the busses to walking such a distance is a good start xD

anyways here are some pics from second day in hamburg which was so so so much fun, we met my friends had drinks and some fun on port, and Heniu on polish boat rocks!

polaaaaaaaannnnd was there!! ♥ 1.2.3 and....siemaaaaa heniuuuu... hahaha !
 surprise-picture haha, my lenses were going crazy because of the sun haha
 orangex2- tajna & ines green-marzena purple-me yeheeeeeey!
 laughing so hard, omg we couldnt stop laughing for like 20 minutes i dont even know why haha .

me and my girl on a ferry to dockland ♥ (i love the pic even i look like i had meeting with the tram haha )


anyways im gonna go and eat, i'm starving!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Hamburg Day 1

So I've been to my beloved Hamburg. I missed it so so much i find this city super magical esspecially at night. I love going to the port, its my favourite part of the city and at night omg its amazing!
I had so much fun with my girl, and also I met my friends from tours which happen to also come to Hamburg at the same time so we met few times while we were there. The weather was beautiful, dear Hamburg thank you for this sun because everytime i go there the weather sucks
Anyways on our first day we just went to our hotel left our bags and went straght to the harbour, Ialways buy a drinks and go there to say hello to my favourite city same thing when im leaving, but than im going at night.
As I said we went and sat on the docks as i always do than walked around rthe city went back to the hotel took shower and so on and around the evening we just went back to the port and took a ferry to the Dockland which I also LOVEEEE!
oh and ;luckly on the first day of our stay there the harbour was empty as usual, we got to know there was harbour birthday going on that weekend so we were lucky to get one day with not many people overe there.
anyways  picture timeeeee!

 waiting for my planeeee...ok almost sleeping on my suitcase haha !
 getting a tan? haha + saying hi to the harbour.
 myfacelol hahah i look like a beaten up puppy hahah
 my chillaxing place!!!

i will post more pics on comming days, now i need to focus on my studies so i dont have much time for blogging.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

get that moneyyy

giiiirrrrllllss get your moneeeeyyy, all my girrllllsss get that moneeeeyyy... lalalala *singing ciara*
i just changed some of my money to euros as i need it haha obviously . i love euros omg *-*
 anywaysss hahah im cleaniong my room and than i have to go down and clean the kitchen and do the dinner than im gonna finish off packing up than i need to go to pick up my friend and than take a nap and than shower and off to the airport so happy to go there , i missed the city so much and now im gonna be back there for a whileeeee . exciting shit!
anyways hopefully i will write something from the airport as it will be the last place where i could use my mobile internet ( well i could use it on my destination as well but i better turn it off because i dont want  to pay  huge ass bill and internet abroad is expencive) i will have internet in my hotel so probably im gonna update as well.
but for now im gonna go and prepare myself

oh and btw.... im so happy to have him ♥

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

New Phone

ah yesss finally i got new Blackberry, (Blackberry Bold 9780) I never had one before and I always wanted one and i have to say im inlove! the phone is fast and handy , I love the keyboard but it will take me while to get used to it as i was using touchscreen for 3 years. I will keep my old phone which is Iphone and use it with my old number and also as an ipod from now on.  I had to get new phone because my iphone was taking a piss and this phone is just a retard, and im honest here, and also my screen is starting to break down lol.
What else? ... Im getting to know my new phone right now, entering all of my contacts and so on which will take me agessss haha but i have to do so.  And I hate DHL because of how they update their tracking page and for the long wait for delivery, i just hate waiting for deliveries esspecially the ones i need to sign, because i have to be at home for them,  I need to hang my laundry and pack my suitcase as tomorrow my friend is comming here and at the night of thursday we gonna drive to the airport with my dad, im so exciteeeeed!!! where im going? you will see after i come back xD ! I dont rweally wanna say because i learned a lesson from times before, people started to freak out and so on and i dont want that.
Anywayssss, im gonna leave my new born BB to charge and go to hang my laundry and make some dinner.
Oh and i wanted to go to do some shopping but my bus never came and i got pissed of because i stood there for 30 minutes...ridicilous.

pics of my babyberry ♥

brother and sister right? hahaha !

Sunday, 1 May 2011


bought yesturday, i love this orange tank top, orange is my no.1 colour and im happy to wear anything in orange xD

and i have to say that i wish from the bottom of my heart that yesturday would never happen. I feel bad and i think that i destroyed begining of something new and special but i aint even gonna talk about it here. Sometimes when i drink too much i can hurt others and i hate this fact.

And someone asked for review of new eyeliner and mascara.. alright i will do it in the evening XD