Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hamburg day 2.

sorry for not blogging yesturday as i was really tired after college, im still not used to waking up so early, being so long in college and all the traveling , so i was pretty tired yesturday and too lazy to post a thing.
Since Yesturday instead of taking a bus home from the underground station i started to walk and thrust me its long walk haha but i need to start exercise and changing from driving my ass in the busses to walking such a distance is a good start xD

anyways here are some pics from second day in hamburg which was so so so much fun, we met my friends had drinks and some fun on port, and Heniu on polish boat rocks!

polaaaaaaaannnnd was there!! ♥ 1.2.3 and....siemaaaaa heniuuuu... hahaha !
 surprise-picture haha, my lenses were going crazy because of the sun haha
 orangex2- tajna & ines green-marzena purple-me yeheeeeeey!
 laughing so hard, omg we couldnt stop laughing for like 20 minutes i dont even know why haha .

me and my girl on a ferry to dockland ♥ (i love the pic even i look like i had meeting with the tram haha )


anyways im gonna go and eat, i'm starving!


  1. DAWAJ FOTY :D Kocham to zdjęcie jak umieramy ze śmiechu. Zastanawiam się z czego, ale seryjnie nie pamietam :D

  2. You take really nice photos. May I ask what brand and kind of camera you use?

    And do you edit your photos with a program, or is that naturally how they come out? And if you use a program for that, do you use it as well for the watermarks you put on some of your photos?