Wednesday, 4 May 2011

get that moneyyy

giiiirrrrllllss get your moneeeeyyy, all my girrllllsss get that moneeeeyyy... lalalala *singing ciara*
i just changed some of my money to euros as i need it haha obviously . i love euros omg *-*
 anywaysss hahah im cleaniong my room and than i have to go down and clean the kitchen and do the dinner than im gonna finish off packing up than i need to go to pick up my friend and than take a nap and than shower and off to the airport so happy to go there , i missed the city so much and now im gonna be back there for a whileeeee . exciting shit!
anyways hopefully i will write something from the airport as it will be the last place where i could use my mobile internet ( well i could use it on my destination as well but i better turn it off because i dont want  to pay  huge ass bill and internet abroad is expencive) i will have internet in my hotel so probably im gonna update as well.
but for now im gonna go and prepare myself

oh and btw.... im so happy to have him ♥