Monday, 9 May 2011

Hamburg Day 1

So I've been to my beloved Hamburg. I missed it so so much i find this city super magical esspecially at night. I love going to the port, its my favourite part of the city and at night omg its amazing!
I had so much fun with my girl, and also I met my friends from tours which happen to also come to Hamburg at the same time so we met few times while we were there. The weather was beautiful, dear Hamburg thank you for this sun because everytime i go there the weather sucks
Anyways on our first day we just went to our hotel left our bags and went straght to the harbour, Ialways buy a drinks and go there to say hello to my favourite city same thing when im leaving, but than im going at night.
As I said we went and sat on the docks as i always do than walked around rthe city went back to the hotel took shower and so on and around the evening we just went back to the port and took a ferry to the Dockland which I also LOVEEEE!
oh and ;luckly on the first day of our stay there the harbour was empty as usual, we got to know there was harbour birthday going on that weekend so we were lucky to get one day with not many people overe there.
anyways  picture timeeeee!

 waiting for my planeeee...ok almost sleeping on my suitcase haha !
 getting a tan? haha + saying hi to the harbour.
 myfacelol hahah i look like a beaten up puppy hahah
 my chillaxing place!!!

i will post more pics on comming days, now i need to focus on my studies so i dont have much time for blogging.


  1. świetne zdjęcia! :) bardzo zacnie Ci w tym luźnym koczku :)


  2. ruda: dzieki haha, ten koczek taki malutki sie zrobil jak scielam wlosy, stoi mi jak jakis kikut xD

  3. Oh, my fav city!)
    I love it, love it, love it!)

  4. Zapraszam do siebie na oraz do wziecia udzialu w giveawayu ! Do wygrania bony do !

  5. jesteś bardzo piękną dziewczyną :) masz fajną urodę :) set trafiony w 100 %
    zapraszam :) xoxo.

  6. o matko, dawno nie grzebalam na polskich szafach..
    dobry blog,podoba mi sie wszystko tutaj !
    bede zagladac w wolnej chwili zapraszam w me skromne progi!