Friday, 13 May 2011

Final Design

First thing. sorry i didnt updated my blog yesterday but blogger was unavailable and i see it deleted my last two posts ( lol?) so maybe it will come back maybe not i dont have time to write it again so i can just hope for it to come back, but anyways, in my last post i said i will upload pictures of my final design, i really love it but it will be really hard to make and i have just 2 weeks left, i already started constructing the shape of it  but i need to do maquettes first to see how im gonna draw the patterns and i need to figure out good technique to sew it and make the collar so im not gonna go out tomorrow and i will sit at home focusing on this project as this dress will be exhibited so it needs to be good.
the main inspiration of this dress was the birth of the butterfly, like the stages of its birth.
Lower part is representing cacoon and the collar is how the butterfly is fully developed and how its openoing the cacoon with its wings to see the world i cant explain it more further but yeah basically thats what is behind this dress.

here are 2 poics of the design and i have to say i really like it, i still need to atatch some research to my design sheet and all the little things that goes to it.

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