Sunday, 15 May 2011


hello you all!
Yesterday i sat till 3 in the morning doing maquette of my final design, im struggling  a bit with the collar because i have no clue out of what can i make it to stand still, i tried plastic, paper, glue, some other plastic solutions and nothing is good enough to hold it. so im gonna have big problem to make bigger piece, so i will ask my tutor Sharon for help as she should know how to make it.
Anyways i used a lot of different materials, which is good because mixing media will give me more marks, also my little manequin is disabled it lost its second leg but i tried to fix it and it sits in place haha .
the colours will be a bit different because i painted the fabric with watter colours as i dont have proper fabric dyes here but we have themn in college which is good xD
and it's not so neat because i was too lazy to sew the top part properly so it loks a bit messy but i just did it to have a clue how to cut my patterns and how to join everything together
anyways here it is i really like it even its not perfect made haha .
oh and i hate chicken wire my fingers are dying because of all the bending and cutting it.

Now im gonna get ready and im off to see my friend., I need to drag her to the park so she can run with me in the evening XD

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