Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Killer Love

I'm tottally inlove with this album, like really really inlove i love Nicole i love her music and i love her as a person.
The album got 14 songs on, which are absolutely stunning, my favourite one is def. Dont hold your breath Wet and Power's Out which Nicole recorded with Sting, also Right There because it reminds me of old pussycat dolls sound and i used to love them and sad they broke up but well i think Nicole is doing such a good job as solo artist.

I got a shoulder built for you
Just in case you need it to lean on
These hands I have are for you
Just in case you need help to hold on
 Nicole Scherzinger- Power's Out

Monday, 28 March 2011

Monday 28.03.2011

hello people, I came back home 2 hours ago , i went to Sandi for a sleep over yesturday after 2 shoots Sandi and Chris did with me. I had really good day with them both yesturday haha, We had pizza in my garden it was so warm, we need to plan BBQ as soon as possible seriously! Than we went to the pub which is right at the end of the road where my house is, and as i live in this house almost 4 years i never been to this pub, but i love it and Jack daniels is half cheaper than it is in central. So I have new nice place to go haha . Than we had so much fun in the tube Chris opened up this huge badass flash with umbrella in met line (and you ae not allowed to use any photography in london underground ) so we could get fine for that if someone would cought us.  and rest you know me and Sandi chilled out with hagen haha . After our talk about diets what i did? i went to sainsburys and bought cabbage so starting from today im eating cabbage soup for whole week, its such a good diet, and i need to loose few kg's for summer and its a good time to do it esspecially im going Poland soon.
Oh and i fotgot my glasses from sandis house , im fucking blind hahaha !!!
I need them !

and the outfit for today is :

Scarf- McQ (i used it as suspenders )
Tank top: Primark
Shorts: remade by me
Shoes:  Prmark.

oh and lets not forget Pauly D (my brohahaha)

beat that beat up!!!! dat beat hits you, you need to fight back!!! omg this is such a tune ! cant stop listenig to it !

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Siting and chilling out with sandi and hägen haha watched polish xfactor omg some people are weird "i love cows" hahahahaha god help this kid !

Chill out!

I'm not even a little bit sleepy! well i will go to bed soon , now im just chilling out reading my magazine.
I loved the evening today , so funny . Hi to this two guys who tried to chat with me hahaha.one of them was good looking but i guess he was gay. Story of my fucking life hahaha !
we drinked beers and my favourite coctail sex on the beach haha. I hate asking for it, i mean once i was trying to buy this coctail and guy asked me if i want actuall sex on the beach or a drink so ... hahaha . than we went to eat and i went vback home. Such a funny evening haha.
Some people piss me off so much, like dude mind your own business and get a life bitches, I swear to god its so childish, some girls instead of becoming more clever and mature are getting fucking dumber and childish.  I feel like im in kindergarden. Jezzz. jelous, jelous -_-'  Let me tell you something bitches you know who you are and seriously you just waiste your time, your life is boring i know, but it doesnt mean you have to make our lifes miserable ok? go to the gym or get your fucking life sorted out not bitch about someone else, because you know we have more than you do. so fuck you. Anyways karma is a bitch so be careful what you do.
Anywaysss here are some pics of me from today, 2 from before i went out and 2 from now xD

outfit. i loved this one *-*

 chilling in my PJ's and cosy oversized hoodie, I had it on tour with me and everytime i put it on it remind me of all crazy shit what happend there haha !
fuck yeaaaah magazineeeee , *-* !

Saturday, 26 March 2011


oversized tshirt- primark
pants- primark

I just came back from shopping with my dad. Now im going to tidy up my room a bir and than im off to meet my friend, we'll probably go to the pub as always chill out and so on. The weather is not so nice outside, sun is gone and sky is covered with this ugly gray clouds, but its really warm so at least that !
Im drinking my coffe now reading bazaar and eating some cake me and my dad just bought, its so yummy! .
I cant wait for a dinner my dad will make some nice food tonight so im not eating anything till i will come back from my friend as i really want to enjoy this meal. My tan is fading away ;((( I want to keep this ncie bronze skin omg ;(
+ I love my outfit today its so confortable and it looks good so im happy abour that.
Have a nice day everyone!

Friday, 25 March 2011


Hi people i had really good day today, seriously almost perfect one.  Iwent to doctors, and finally my doctor will tranfer me to a clinic where they treat throat, thats where i will get my scan done, Im so happy about that, also one of the tests i did came negative which is another reason i had really good mood today. When I entered my bus my Uggs ripped, so i had to go to the shop and buy new shoes before college as i would never show up with broken shoes there. I mean im not a tramp haha. I didnt had my credit card with me so i was kinda poor haha but well i found amazing 2 pairs of shoes and couldnt resist buying few tank tops, which i love and lately im obsessed with them
. I had exam and i passed it also I had really good time in college, and i ate this yummy ice cream omg im gonna eat it every damn day for lunch , seriously i felt like i had heaven in my mouth haha !
Also weather! OMG LONDON I LOVE YOU! like seriously the weather here is stunning and i just wanted to stay outside for as long as i could!
Yeah i loved this day and my shopping. Im happy! really happy!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

hot pants

While i was cleaning my house today , i also cleaned my wardrobe, and found really old black jeans, I just had them 3-4 times on me, and never used them so i decided to make shorts from them. i cut them up and added chains i bought few days ago and i have to say they look wicked! I want to buy some studs from ebay so i can take one back pocket off and attatch them to it as well also im gonna go to my garage and look for some sand paper to give this shorts finishing touch . I love t5hem and i cant wait to wear them when its gonna be so warm !
Also i talked to my brother in the morning which made me miss my country so so badly, we sat and talked on skype on webcam for about an hour he have 3 new tattoos, fucking addict haha !
Also i just talked to my sister which is getting married in few weeks and i cant be there, well i will do everthing i can to be in poland on 16th because i cant miss another wedding of my siblings! no way!

Rings- Primark + H&M
Shoes- New Look
Top- Primark
Shorts- by me.

Nice huh?  well perfect for me haha !
Im gonna go and finish up cleaning my second room.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Brownie haha.

So today i modeled for my friend, she did spray tan for me and I look like i just came back from 2 weeks of laying on the beach hahaha . Seriously im that brown! And i love it Kasia did such a good job today and she should pass her assigment if not i will seriously burn her college down haha ! I just wanna take a shower but i have to wait till 22 because i cant shower for at least 8 hours after tanning.
OMG i really love the tan i missed this summer-skin so badly !  The weather was simply stunning today i guess it was around 25*C in the sun, when i checked my termometer in the morning it was 21*C in the sun so yes such a warm day, and such a nice welcome for spring! Yes today we have first day of spring and i really hope weather will just get warmer and warmer!
I also had ni8ce day with Kasia, after the tanning session we went down to central and so on.
And i finally got new sketchbook ! , I found nice A3 one with leather-alike hard cover which is what i was looking for.
Anywaysss im gonna go and send some museum pics to my class mate and than print my research so have good evening everyone!

brown huh? hahahaa i mean look at the difference haha also dont look at my face with no makeup and fat fat belly haha.  oh god i wish i could keep this skin colour forever haha i sweaaaaaaar!

EDIT: i just showered (yeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey)  tan is almost half lighter now which is good because at least now i dont look like solarium addict hahahaha ! i loveeeee it!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Gigant Strawberries

So Im being really lazy right now, i made myself scrambled eggs with toast n the morning now im eating this super big strawberries haha. , im just surprised as the strawberries are really huge, when i placed one on my hand it was little bit more than half of my palm so yeah they are huge but so yummy haha . Im probably gonna do some research today, clean up a bit and so my laundry. Oh speaking of laundry i started to watch Jersey Shore and its hilarious hahaha. And also i finished all of the episodes of How i met your mother, sad because i got used to watching it and i loved it, so i have to wait till tuesday when new one will come up.
I missed the supermoon yesturday night! ;( i wanted to see it so badly but i forgot about it and realized when i was laying in my bed already ready to sleep.  Also the weather sucks today no sun at all just cloudy and grey outside. Another reason to stay at home and get some work done .
Tomorrow im gonna model for KasKas in her college, shes studying make-up and beauty and she gonna do me a spray tan. I never had that before so im a bit curious  and as i have day off why not help my dear lovely friend ♥

Thursday, 17 March 2011

new project- inspirations

Hello there! I havent blogged for few days but its only because now im getting home really late and after that I just want to take shower and watch something and chill out after long long day so i guess that i will not blog so often. I got new project as i wished new class and new teacher.  Its too loud in this group of people which means its a disaster for me  because i need silence to create something and when such a chaos is around me i just cant work properly . On tuesday i destroyed 2 pieces of my work because of that. Today we got new teacher which is a fashion & costume designer, and also shes really straightforward in what she says and seems very strict so today the class was way better than on tuesday.
I understand some people are just loud-souls, but sometimes they should just get on with their work, because its not only them in the class but 14 other people. Teacher said its gonna be very hard to get through to the second year, im really confident about myself as i know i will def. get through So im not even worried about that i have no reason not to pass i've got good well really good grades, my work is good so ;D
What else today i transcribed one of my ideas onto the paper, looks good for me but still i need to develop it further.  The project is our Final Major Project which always happens to be at the end of each year, this one is a taster of the one we will get at the end of fashion show, we will have exhibition on 27th June and in the second year we will have proper fashion show and im already excited about that as next year we will probably produce next 3 pieces . The project tittle is Insects and Foliage, which i find super super super disgusting as i've got fobia when it comes to insects. Its hard for me to even look at this stuff but i have to fight my fears right now.
My inspiration are def. butterflies and spiders or better spider nets. My inspiration is once again McQueen.
And just by the way i think Sarah Burton took over McQueen with style, Her work is beautiful and on Lee's standards i love it, and im so proud of Sarah because she did hell of a job and actually kept the label on its feet. I guess she must have learned a lot from Lee and also that both of them were so close so she even design perfectly the same style he did, its good to know that there is someone who will continue doing something so beautiful and inspirational .  So  McQueen/Burton are my inspiration for ths project.
Today me and Edwina went to natural history museum after college and looked into butterflies there and i have to say jesus christ they are beautiful little things!

I feel like im actually excited for this project, its really big project and we dont have much time, so right now i will focus on that as i want to put whole my heart into this one, and came up with something amazing. so wish me luck haha !

Alexander McQueen Sarah Burton S/S 2011 :


Ok thats it for now., I need some rest and i have doctor tomorrow keep your fingers crossed that finally i will get laryngoscopy scan because i need one and they aint giving it to me ;( 

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

morning !

im ready to go to college, hopefully today we will finally specialize  and get introduced to our final major project as i cant wait to know what wil that be about. !
and well last year somewhere in poland i probably had most hilarious 3 hours of mi life hahahahahahaha

oh well this pic was taken around 11 in the morning so hour after we got out of something but thrust me if you only knew what we had ...you would piss your pants, and obviously i cant tell you that hahah.

Monday, 14 March 2011

14.03.2010 Łódź

And here we go again another year from another amazing concert. Lodz was beautiful, one of the best concert I've ever been, I was so surprised by the mood of our guys as the night at the hotel was simply hell not only for us as as well for them. as crazy fan girls were running around screaming around the hotel till 4 am in the morning or even 5. and than the venue was so empty but guys were in such a happy mood like i havent seen on any previous concerts i've been to of this tour. And also i had hell at the venue well till 3 pm everything was alright, than all people which were at hotel came with their parents and made such a chaos, luckly someone took us behind the barriers and let us in almost an hour ealrier before everyone and im so thankful for that as i was almost fainting because i didnt ate a thing since previous evening , cold as fuck , wet and everything as we had nice snow storm there.  Also it was nice to walk around the venue and talk with one guy and look how they build up the stage :D Oh and lets not forget that few minutes before  security took us to the venue i almost got punched in my face by one 40 years old dude which blamed me that his daughter wasnt first in the line... luckly one girl stopped his hand as well as bodyguard because of top of not seing guys at the hotel when they were leaving to head to the venue, without sleep and all other disaster we had there i could get punched in my face about 3 hours till the start of the cocnert which would obviously be even more terrible for me, and also when i had to get my branclet and i was already separated from all the crazy fans and parents i had to take a bodyguard yes a bodyguard to go with me because people were going mad, and while i was on my way to get it another massive dude started to have a go at me and got very agressive ...well next time dear poland go to germany or holland for a cocnert than you will see what is it at the venues and if you wanna stand closer come fucking earlier.  Lets go back to concert itself, once again the best of Humanoid city ocncerts i guess, when i sat there at the barriers in empty venue i felt energy comming back to me, once cocnert started i was fine, i didnt even felt hunger or any dizziness, I dont know why but once im inside the venue i feel so powerfull haha you can laugh but its true haha ! . And greets to nice security guy which was complimenting 4 of us when we stood in the venue hahahaha . Luckly i told isa where to go as she came back fom hotel so she was one of the firsts in the venue and tok place next to me, you people cant even imagine how affraid i was about her but she made it haha !

vid by me.

Vid by dredi . my favourite part of concert i dont even have to say WHY hahahaha !

ahhhh lodz lodz ♥

Sunday, 13 March 2011


13.03.2010 night before big day. loads of things happened,, the pictures showed our nice chill out xD well which was actually wasted later because of some people i got all frustrated and pissed off and ended up having just 30 minutes of sleep which was really really bad as i had whole day of organizing and dealing with little fangirls and their parents at the venue. And i didnt even ate this fucking awesome breakfast they served as i had to leave hotel at 6 am in the morning. well actually i didnt ate at all untill concert finished lol.
crazy shit happened in Lodz really crazy.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Little Shopping

As I said in previous post today we had such a warm and sunny day. Which also made my mood better, When we walked outside i saw people without their jackets just tshirts with short sleves, which was a bit pathetic of them as it wasnt that hot, or girls in hot pants  and tank tops i was just like dudeeeeeee  of course its sunny but not fucking summer. we went to a shop bought beers and went to the park and chilled out near little lake, it was nice but than sun decided to go away and it got a bit colder. than we went shopping i bout some stuff, not really much but i love it. Also lets not forget that on thrursday i recived a package and of course i didnt woke up and never heard postman at the door so he left me a slip. I guess we have new one, old one used to leave packages at our door as we asked him to do so . So i went there to this place where they told me to go , and it was around 11 in the morning and this woman jesus christ , she came there with slippers on and bathrobe, wet hair like she just came out of the shower i was about to laugh my ass off there i swear, DONT DO THAT ! its fucking hilarious and you look like an psycho for real!

Anyways thats about it about my day another lazy saturday .
Here are things i bought.

shea shower cream , shea body butter, moroccan rose body butter, & morocan rose shower gel 
are from Body Shop .
US flag tank top - Prmark
Throw- Primark
 Chain necklaces - Primark 
( i will not wear them i bought them only because i will sew them into my blazer :D)

i also bought soooo many fresh fruits today and im planning to go downstairs in a second and make myself nice bowl of fruit salad with cream on the top ...yuuuuuuuuuummmmyyyyyyy !.
oh and as you can see my wordrobe is not closing...i've got wayyy too many clothes (clotheses :P:P:P) 


omg such a sunny and warm day, cant sit at home, going out to High Wycombe. Wanna take a walk in the park , and i should talk through stuff about a trip me and my friend are making in May omg cant waaaaaaaait.!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Tsunami & earthquake in Japan

Such a shocking day today people. I got up quite late and all i saw on facebook was people talking over japan and US so i turned my TV on and saw what a disasster is going on in Japan right now, Its terrible how you cant stop the nature from doing this awful things, People lost everything what they've been working for years, they lost families they lost everything, when you sit at home and watch it its so touching and it hurts that you cant even do anything , you can just sit and watch how their lives turned into hell , my heart broke into 1000 little pieces after watching this I feel bad about this even i dont know none of them but my heart goes out to every single person in Japan and other countries that have been touched by this terrible thing or they waiting for it to come. Seriously i dont even have words for how i feel about this situation its just horrible nightmare. The images of it are frightening and just watching it was breathtaking for me.
God bless Japan and everyone who suffers there.  

Thursday, 10 March 2011


uhm unfinished. and i dont feel like i will ever finish this one. So uhm im gonna start new one here as i have this drawing mood right now.. but i have no idea what should i draw haha. i usually draw him,  dont ask me why i dont know why , also on this one i mixed charcoal with watter so it blended in a bit more in few places but as i said, im not gonna finish this one, because i started to feel like its not going well and i didnt wanted to rush it or screw it. I havent drawed anything in ages so that could be a reason why, i just need to get used to it a little xD
i will post some drawings here in coming days xD


Today  didnt went to college as i had no reason to do so, so i spent whole day doing nothing, yes yes im being lazy . I went out to the shop which is a bit of walk from my house and it was super warm that i just had my denim jacket on ! I beg you god let the weather stay like this ! Anyways i was bored and i went through some old photos i took in Poland when i went on holidays. That was the last time i saw my dog and i have tons of pictures of him.  It made me sad when i looked through them he was such a happy dog never did a bad thing to anyone omg :(  His name was Czarek I got him when i was 8 when he was tiny tiny puppy and he was the best dog on the planet. !  Everytime I was sad he used to come around and lay next to me just to keep me some company. ahhh i miss it.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Today i couldnt be bothered to go to college, i woke up but that was about it haha so i stayed at home today just laying in my bed and sleeping, now when im up im gonna clean the house and finish the descriptions in my sketchbook.also i need to change few things within my dress to get the highest grade, Deadline is tomorrow so i better get to work.

oh and we have such a niceeeeeeeeeeee weatheeeeeeer omg ! yesturday me and Molly had the most chilling out walk ever! it was so warmmmm and i could walk without my jacket outside *-* springspringspring! 

Monday, 7 March 2011


To nie matka ale wzięła mnie w opiekę
Pokazała mi emocje, nauczyła być człowiekiem 
Wielu tęskni za nią, wielu nie może wrócić
Więc w sercach ją mają czekając, aż los się odwróci
To nie muza, ale daje mi natchnienie
By obserwować wszystkie jej blaski i cienie
I widzieć ją jaka jest, starać się rozumieć
W głosów tłumie czego naprawdę chce i co czuje
Ona nie urodziła mnie, lecz kocham ją jak matkę,
nieraz mnie odrzuciła, ale będę z nią na zawsze.
Codziennie w innym stanie ją spotykasz
Lecz czujesz tylko dumę gdy ktoś o nią cię zapyta.

Saturday, 5 March 2011


Jacket : River island
Tshirt: New Look
White blouse: cant remember old as fuck.
Throusers: Primark

Im off to see my friend in High Wycombe . My throat hurts still -_-' . I will write more later + im so lazyyyyyyyyyyy !

Friday, 4 March 2011

I need a doctor.

For real i need proper doctor. i hate UK's medical care I really do ! I better go to Poland and pay for private visits than pay for shit care they giving me here. I've been running from one doctor to another because of my throat no one knows what it is and I'm ending up on some antibiotics that never work! Today i begged for proper throat scan with this pipe they insert into your throat and? she gave me Penicylin and told me to go back next week because she have to see if Penicylin will help first i mean whaaaaaaaaaaaaat the hell ! ? wouldnt going to have my throat scanned and looked from inside better than fucking waiting another week when i already lots my voice and have huge ass pain? After the scan they would see better what is wrong in there and give me proper care but of course its UK and they like to handle things in long and lame ways which never works!
Damn i have to be another week on antibiotics like WTF my liver and stomach will die from that.. i dont like to take any medicine because i know how much damage they cause but i have no other choice -_-'
Luckly Im gonna be in Poland really soon so i will handle things in my way. And i hate how this runnng from one doctor to another affect my attendence in college damn -_-' . I wanna know whats wrong with it because im so tired of it already and thrust me im not talking about just a cold or sore throat problem which started few weeks ago because i have this problem for more than a year -_-'.

Angry post from me but thats my mood angry and with feeling that i will just go and kill all the uk's doctors -_-'  I also made nice dinner for myself, Hot chilli con carne, and it was awesome. I love my cooking actually. But well because right now i feel so fed up i didnt ate so much just few bites of it thats it . gonna go and do some Fashion sketchbook work now and try to calm my titz because im so angry you cant imagne. 

Wool Scarf: Primark
Silk Scarf : McQ
Leather Jacket: River Island
Sunglasses:  gift n idea where is it from.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Fat Thursday!

im such a DOUGHNUT!!!!!!!!
I love our little Polish traditions!  on fat thrusday we eaaaaaaaat soooooooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooo many donughnuts! one time in a year i eat so many in one day! there are doughnuts everywhere in the kitchen in the living room in my room like everywhere! hahaha
I actually bearly eat doughnuts but well..... its a tradition and i got used to it ! haha .
so i ate around 12 today ;P still got 3 left anyoneeeeeeeeee? they are yummy thrust me!