Saturday, 26 March 2011


oversized tshirt- primark
pants- primark

I just came back from shopping with my dad. Now im going to tidy up my room a bir and than im off to meet my friend, we'll probably go to the pub as always chill out and so on. The weather is not so nice outside, sun is gone and sky is covered with this ugly gray clouds, but its really warm so at least that !
Im drinking my coffe now reading bazaar and eating some cake me and my dad just bought, its so yummy! .
I cant wait for a dinner my dad will make some nice food tonight so im not eating anything till i will come back from my friend as i really want to enjoy this meal. My tan is fading away ;((( I want to keep this ncie bronze skin omg ;(
+ I love my outfit today its so confortable and it looks good so im happy abour that.
Have a nice day everyone!

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