Sunday, 27 March 2011

Chill out!

I'm not even a little bit sleepy! well i will go to bed soon , now im just chilling out reading my magazine.
I loved the evening today , so funny . Hi to this two guys who tried to chat with me of them was good looking but i guess he was gay. Story of my fucking life hahaha !
we drinked beers and my favourite coctail sex on the beach haha. I hate asking for it, i mean once i was trying to buy this coctail and guy asked me if i want actuall sex on the beach or a drink so ... hahaha . than we went to eat and i went vback home. Such a funny evening haha.
Some people piss me off so much, like dude mind your own business and get a life bitches, I swear to god its so childish, some girls instead of becoming more clever and mature are getting fucking dumber and childish.  I feel like im in kindergarden. Jezzz. jelous, jelous -_-'  Let me tell you something bitches you know who you are and seriously you just waiste your time, your life is boring i know, but it doesnt mean you have to make our lifes miserable ok? go to the gym or get your fucking life sorted out not bitch about someone else, because you know we have more than you do. so fuck you. Anyways karma is a bitch so be careful what you do.
Anywaysss here are some pics of me from today, 2 from before i went out and 2 from now xD

outfit. i loved this one *-*

 chilling in my PJ's and cosy oversized hoodie, I had it on tour with me and everytime i put it on it remind me of all crazy shit what happend there haha !
fuck yeaaaah magazineeeee , *-* !


  1. Haha sex on the beach is also my fave cocktail (you know) and i also always hate it to order it hahahahaha xD

    Oh and good speech,fits also perfect to some people around me or that i saw in the last time (LOL) xD

    Aaaaaaand i also remember your tour hoodie :D:D:D:D good times!

  2. hahaha man the thing happened in hamburg remember? hahahahahah and the one there was so good, one of the best i drinked haha we should go back there for this drink you know haha

    oh yeah hahah man this people are just ridicilous
    haha i will bring it next tour as well its so warm hahahah it kept me alive hahah