Thursday, 17 March 2011

new project- inspirations

Hello there! I havent blogged for few days but its only because now im getting home really late and after that I just want to take shower and watch something and chill out after long long day so i guess that i will not blog so often. I got new project as i wished new class and new teacher.  Its too loud in this group of people which means its a disaster for me  because i need silence to create something and when such a chaos is around me i just cant work properly . On tuesday i destroyed 2 pieces of my work because of that. Today we got new teacher which is a fashion & costume designer, and also shes really straightforward in what she says and seems very strict so today the class was way better than on tuesday.
I understand some people are just loud-souls, but sometimes they should just get on with their work, because its not only them in the class but 14 other people. Teacher said its gonna be very hard to get through to the second year, im really confident about myself as i know i will def. get through So im not even worried about that i have no reason not to pass i've got good well really good grades, my work is good so ;D
What else today i transcribed one of my ideas onto the paper, looks good for me but still i need to develop it further.  The project is our Final Major Project which always happens to be at the end of each year, this one is a taster of the one we will get at the end of fashion show, we will have exhibition on 27th June and in the second year we will have proper fashion show and im already excited about that as next year we will probably produce next 3 pieces . The project tittle is Insects and Foliage, which i find super super super disgusting as i've got fobia when it comes to insects. Its hard for me to even look at this stuff but i have to fight my fears right now.
My inspiration are def. butterflies and spiders or better spider nets. My inspiration is once again McQueen.
And just by the way i think Sarah Burton took over McQueen with style, Her work is beautiful and on Lee's standards i love it, and im so proud of Sarah because she did hell of a job and actually kept the label on its feet. I guess she must have learned a lot from Lee and also that both of them were so close so she even design perfectly the same style he did, its good to know that there is someone who will continue doing something so beautiful and inspirational .  So  McQueen/Burton are my inspiration for ths project.
Today me and Edwina went to natural history museum after college and looked into butterflies there and i have to say jesus christ they are beautiful little things!

I feel like im actually excited for this project, its really big project and we dont have much time, so right now i will focus on that as i want to put whole my heart into this one, and came up with something amazing. so wish me luck haha !

Alexander McQueen Sarah Burton S/S 2011 :


Ok thats it for now., I need some rest and i have doctor tomorrow keep your fingers crossed that finally i will get laryngoscopy scan because i need one and they aint giving it to me ;( 

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