Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Killer Love

I'm tottally inlove with this album, like really really inlove i love Nicole i love her music and i love her as a person.
The album got 14 songs on, which are absolutely stunning, my favourite one is def. Dont hold your breath Wet and Power's Out which Nicole recorded with Sting, also Right There because it reminds me of old pussycat dolls sound and i used to love them and sad they broke up but well i think Nicole is doing such a good job as solo artist.

I got a shoulder built for you
Just in case you need it to lean on
These hands I have are for you
Just in case you need help to hold on
 Nicole Scherzinger- Power's Out


  1. I personally prefer the new album Britney :) If you do not listen, I recommend ^^ He is fantastic :)

  2. Hehe ;d Nie lubię Cascady, a nowego albumu Britney nie mogę przestać słuchać ;) Nicol zawsze fajnie wygląda w teledyskach^^ Aż chce się iść na siłownie żeby wyglądać tak jak ona!