Monday, 14 March 2011

14.03.2010 Łódź

And here we go again another year from another amazing concert. Lodz was beautiful, one of the best concert I've ever been, I was so surprised by the mood of our guys as the night at the hotel was simply hell not only for us as as well for them. as crazy fan girls were running around screaming around the hotel till 4 am in the morning or even 5. and than the venue was so empty but guys were in such a happy mood like i havent seen on any previous concerts i've been to of this tour. And also i had hell at the venue well till 3 pm everything was alright, than all people which were at hotel came with their parents and made such a chaos, luckly someone took us behind the barriers and let us in almost an hour ealrier before everyone and im so thankful for that as i was almost fainting because i didnt ate a thing since previous evening , cold as fuck , wet and everything as we had nice snow storm there.  Also it was nice to walk around the venue and talk with one guy and look how they build up the stage :D Oh and lets not forget that few minutes before  security took us to the venue i almost got punched in my face by one 40 years old dude which blamed me that his daughter wasnt first in the line... luckly one girl stopped his hand as well as bodyguard because of top of not seing guys at the hotel when they were leaving to head to the venue, without sleep and all other disaster we had there i could get punched in my face about 3 hours till the start of the cocnert which would obviously be even more terrible for me, and also when i had to get my branclet and i was already separated from all the crazy fans and parents i had to take a bodyguard yes a bodyguard to go with me because people were going mad, and while i was on my way to get it another massive dude started to have a go at me and got very agressive ...well next time dear poland go to germany or holland for a cocnert than you will see what is it at the venues and if you wanna stand closer come fucking earlier.  Lets go back to concert itself, once again the best of Humanoid city ocncerts i guess, when i sat there at the barriers in empty venue i felt energy comming back to me, once cocnert started i was fine, i didnt even felt hunger or any dizziness, I dont know why but once im inside the venue i feel so powerfull haha you can laugh but its true haha ! . And greets to nice security guy which was complimenting 4 of us when we stood in the venue hahahaha . Luckly i told isa where to go as she came back fom hotel so she was one of the firsts in the venue and tok place next to me, you people cant even imagine how affraid i was about her but she made it haha !

vid by me.

Vid by dredi . my favourite part of concert i dont even have to say WHY hahahaha !

ahhhh lodz lodz ♥


  1. We had such a great time all in all <3 (well if we dont talk about the stalker-shit,the snowstorm and other things that went wrong >.<).

    But concert itself was so great and if i look back im still like WTF when we had to run in and im still like..surprised i didnt fall down stairs and all as it was such a weird way to come in.And its so cute that you were worried and im so glad that everything went well in the end.
    And the mood of the guys was just like *-------*.
    One of the best concerts <3.